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Full Version: Rune of Hashut
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As stated in the image, Wrote:
The rune can be seen on the old 4th Edition Chaos Dwarf models. It appears on one Hero model, 3 Bull Centaur models, and on the cover art of White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

It only ever appears on Axes.  It always has the same orientation: The open "V" portion facing the handle of the axe.  The rune is never mirrored, so sometimes the "E" portion faces up, and sometimes down.

Hopefully this clarifies some issues surrounding the rune.  Has anyone else noticed these same things?  Have I missed any uses of the rune?

As far as I know, that is completely accurate.
It looks alot like the Rune of Khrone, don't you think?
That's been stated a LOT of times. I still think it's because of when we were used with their army (mostly Khorne anyway...).
Rotated, it can be made to look similar to Khorne, ya.  No big deal.  The letter "E" looks like the letter "F" too, but they are not the same. Happy


So the general consensus from the thread in the ideas section is that the bottom of the symbol is the part facing the center of the blade, correct?  On the original models is it all squared up and geometric looking, or is it a bit more organic?  The computer generated versions cerainly give it a more khornish look with the blockiness of it.  Of course there are many variations of the symbol of khorne, and with a little tinkering this symbol could be given a completely different feel.
It's not really known which side is up, and which side is down.  I guess your theory is as good as any though.

It's quite square on the models.
Thought I'd point out that it looks similar to the Master Rune of Snorri Spangelhelm (not sure if it's a Master Rune or not...).
Not a master rune.  It is almost exactly the same but with an extra 'tail' on it.
Exactly. i didn't really have time to talk when I posted this. But, I prefer to think of it as a perversion of this rune rather than the symbol for Khorne. This is because I want to disassociate my dawi zharr from chaos and focus more on the perversion of dwarfs. Personal opinion.
Do you guys have an image of that? Happy

Also, might as well add this as a reference:
Ah yes. The orientation debate. Well, personally, I see it's orientation as leading to different properties/meanings (like an E turned can be an M or W or 3 [due to writing styles]), but I like the bottom-left one most Big Grin
Great, I was looking for this one for a while!

Now I have myself a nice new Avatar! Happy

Xander Wrote:
It appears on one Hero model, 3 Bull Centaur models, and on the cover art of White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

Quoted for truth.

furrie Wrote:
you might want to flip your avatar, then the sysmbool is good, now its mirrored

That's why it's so special!Tongue

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Short bus special? Dunno what that is actually...

But I do need to change it, I know.
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To HB below: dang, you're right at that.
Urm, TheVoice, I think you've put this in the wrong thread Big Grin There is a CDO t-shirts thread floating about and this is the Rune of Hashut thread Big Grin
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