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Full Version: GRNDL's Chaos Dwarfs (updated - Sep 26 2010)
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The command group turned out very well. Great GS work. You cant really see any of the detail on the warriors so try get some close up pics.
That Chaos Dwarf was done by a guy called Georc.

It won some kind of Golden Deamon award. I think it was the German Golden Deamon or something.

You are doing a good job of it. Cant wait to see the finished conversion. I always loved that model of georcs
The models look much better in the close ups. Im tempted to try some myself but i know if i tried then they would turn out rubbish. No matter how hard i try, gs always fails for me. Thats why i stick to the original models Happy
Georc is actually a member of this forum Wink.  He joined the other day to download my pdf hosted here, so I don't expect he will stay long (he's a Dark Elf player).

That sorcerer was done specifically based on the artwork we developed on our project.

The project is still developing, now awaiting some artwork and a few conversions.

This is a great start to an army.

I know its hard, but if I were you I would clean up enough models for an entire unit before doing much more greenstuff.  From experience its more motivating to have the entire unit on the go at once.

The command looks cool.  You should enter your standard bearer in Golden Hat V Wink
Excellent work!  Your efforts to recreate the Sorcerer turned out very well, good luck with the painting.

If there is anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable, just let me know. Tongue
The easiest way to post pics in a thread is obviously [img]image link including http[/img].  To find the link to an image that is an attachment, you can view the picture and copy the url.  Or right click the link to the picture and chose "Copy Link Location" for Firefox.  Not sure if you can do that in IE, but you can select the image properties after right clicking, you can view the url, usually.
The more I look at your Sorcerer, the more I sort of want to attempt that conversion as well, though I don't own that dwarf model. :/
Wow, looks excellent so far!

And yes, I know you didn't make it originally. Tongue  The original is in the Golden Demon section of the gallery. Wink
Wow, good stuff. I like how did you do your banner.
The only advice i could give you -  don't paint your bases with red, because  your models are to bright and if you wouldn't paint the bases they'll look better.
Takes Hat off
Excellent colours scheme, in my opinion. I think if the miovement tray looks and is painted like the cork rocks, the red bases will work well. I like the blue. it's a good contrast. Any more and it'd look hideous. Less and it'd be futile. The banner has been constructed well, to the point I hadn't realised it was a conversion. How, pray tell, did you paint the orange of the beards? it's the best orange beard colouring I've ever seen. I've seen a lot of orange beards...
Cheers. So, is the Macharius Solar Orange a foundation paint? Just a normal red ink wash? With the highlights, did you just drybrush? (I've never actually don't a highlight that wasn't a drybrush before and it's never been intended as a highlight).
Thank you again. I hope you don't mind, but I;d like to steal that beard colour for at least one model in my army, if not several... (Hmmm, unit champions? All commands? A certain hero? Oh, the possibilities!)
I loved the gnoblar, a beautiful touch!  I might even give you a slave for him.

I like the way you've done the scales, with the little dip thing in each it looks more like the lamellar armour of old than you usually see.

I think you should go back and weather it, it will help to bring it all together.
The green is very nice. nice blending and I particularly like the change from light to dark as you look down the hat. As for the BB itself, it's very cool. What did you use as the end? It appears that there is the rim of a Brettonian helm at the end of the gun, then perhaps a bead or something on top of that... On one or two, you could add an extra "bead" on the end and paint it as an explosion Big Grin Could look cool...
My hat is well and truly off to you in that case!
This blog needs some love! Besides the love I already have for it. Tongue
I want to make that model also, hehe.

Well done!

That hat is crazy! Tongue Nice stuff.
I agree that you might be being a bit too harsh on yourself. I think the large amounts of Purple and Bright Orange are what are making it not seem to be that evil but those are your armys colours so at least it will fit in. I personally dont think orange beards belong in a chaos dwarf army since thats the colour of dwarf slayer beards so i cant help buy think of it as some kind of slayer lord. It sure looks good in your avatar though!
I demand to see some MM90's!!

GRNDL Wrote:
Work on the MM90's was curtailed by a serious self-confidence problem and made worse by an inability to choose any damn colour to paint the things in.

Your interest and encouragement is appreciated, however.

/tips hat

Just paint it up using your army colours (if i was you i would use orange, purple, blue and the bronze you use) and if it doesnt turn out well then just strip it and alternate the colours a bit. Ive done that to a few of my mages. (pyromancer used to be blue and gold, frostmancer used to be an early attempt at a necromancer).

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