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Full Version: Harry the Hammer??
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Who, what, when, why and how?

All I've heard (due to my exam imposed exile from all things GW) is that the cool model seen along with the pics of new daemons is a GD special ed mini called Harry the Hammer. Apparently it isn't the first time he's appeared. Who the hell is he?
He is the guy in the pic on the box of the 1st edition Warhammer.  He's also on the first pace of the current Hardback rulebook IIRC
he's been sort of an Icon for GW for about 25 years...
lol, be good to see him back then! Cheers!

EDIT: Apparently he is the WFB 25th aniversary model, avialable in all stores. I'm in for mine!
is he a c.d. i cant tell by the picture???
nope... mortal chaos...
Yeah, that is an iconic Warhammer image. Let's not forget the tagline "Let's Smash Skulls!" that accompanied it. GW leveraged that tagline for the 2nd edition WH too, slightly modified as "Let's Smash Skulls... Again!"

I'm hoping they make a mini diorama of it for the anniversary. I think it means something to the old timers like myself. Happy
Just a bit of public service

"Here's Harry" Happy 25 years after

According to the Warseer Rumour Roundup
i love that model but i dont think its harry the hammer

i doubt they will call him harry, they will call him somit like "haruksan the eternal" or somthing badass
Definetly a very cool model, GW really do know how to do Chaos, but I have to admit I was hoping for a something a little closer to the artwork. Still I'm not complaining, great idea with the undead, the whole thing looks great!!
@Ghrask D - weah! ain't much of John Blanche's orginal drawing on this one - maybe the spike at top of the helmet Happy
According to "75Hastings69" (Warseer) this mini is based on new Blanche artwork, which then is based on the original one - I really can't see that!

But it will fit in with the overall Chaos Mortal look nicely!

Btw - model is sculped by Aly M.
I think I just found my new general
That miniature is a awsome model. Looks great. Wonder if he is "Harry"?
he is... and they will call him "Harry the Hammerer" cause thats his name...
I love this model. Period. ^^
Is there a release date out yet?
Its oing to be the birthday celebrations, not sure what month it is but it'll probablly coincide with a big army release
Thanks clam for the public service thats so cool
Release date: April 26th 08. Not sure if thats a US or UK release date. Might be worldwide with it being the anniversary.
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