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Full Version: Big Hat Ogres
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I remember seeing most of it, but it still looks as awesome. Out of curiosity, what are you using the Sigmar model as?
Hey what about your steam powered astragoth butcher?


- Kyte
Looking good man!  Don't forget some nice group shots as you complete more units. Happy
The hunter came out well and I like the idea of using the bull body as a nod in reference to bull centaurs. Is that the original hobgoblin bolt throwe rthat you've used as his crossbow? Either way, good work. The Irongut chmapion is looking good, with his giant scimitar Big Grin
I thought it was. It looks brilliant and is obviously in keeping with the theme. However, I would suggest putting a lever under his hand to show he can shoot it.
Looking good. With the champion, I think it's the sleeves, perhaps.... May also be the beard, but I like the beard... loving the scraplauncher conversion!
Awesome work man, keep it up!


Wow !! Takes Hat off

Bulls are so great !!! Incredible army !!! Happy
That's the Special Edition model from WAR (Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning) and I've been too scared to paint him myself, lol Tongue
Loving the gorgers. Very interested to see what you'll come up with for stonehorn and thundertusk. Mournfangs could be Bull Ogres (like the Dragon Ogres, but CD and Ogre theme, lol) and the Ironblaster can be a hellcannon/earthshaker.

Or Mournfang cavalry - alternatively: bull centaurs as rhinox riders and hobgoblin wolfriders as mournfang cavalry Wink
Could use the 4th edition hornblower/drummer and replace the hat with a helm?
If you want them to be more bull-like, flip them upside down and it'll fit the bovine theme much better! Regarding the size - it's a big model anyway and a lot of species of cow do have oversized horns.
Having them horizontal and forwards facing is much better than I was thinking. Good job. What will you do between the horns? A curly quif like the Great Taurus?

Loving the state of the desk - wonder what a random person would think if they saw it, lol.
I wonder if it may look a little less top heavy if you moved the horns down a bit, so that the top of the horns is at the same line as the top of the head... Are they already in place? If not, could you do a mock up of them a little lower down (if you prefer it that way, but find them too wide, you can always shorten them so that they go out as far as they do now), please?
Somehow, hadn't taken the riders into account, lol Big Grin Should be better the way you're doing it then, actually Wink

Forgot to mention the advertising of the cattlebrand Big Grin Cool little video too Tongue
Have you worked out how to avoid the miscasts yet? They look pretty sweet though! GIMME GIMME GIMME!
Alas, tjub, those are lined with sorcerers turned to stone as statues already Wink

Still, that is mighty impressive!
Does anyone think those ogres would be perfect Kdii?

You should have a shop bas, Your stuff is excellent.
Search for the CDO dice project and you'll find everything Wink Also, we may well be having a second batch made up soon (although it seems to be individuals this time).
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