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Full Version: CDO reaches the summit of Mount Google
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The CDO Google Project has reached the peak.

CDO's Google Rankings:
Chaos Dwarfs - Ranked #1
Chaos Dwarf - Ranked #1
Chaos Dwarves - Ranked #2 (second only to Wikipedia!)

I should like to think that this truly makes Chaos Dwarfs Online the official home on the net for all things Chaos Dwarfs!  Cheers to everyone who comes here daily, we have made a name for ourselves on the world wide web!

Cheers, Cheers!
Excellent.  Love the graphic!
Someone needs to make a Sir Edmund Hillary Chaos Dwarf figure to commemerate this moment in time.
Good work Xander. Congrats!
good work andwhen you go to the wikki, the first external link there is to this page Tongue

furrie Wrote:
good work andwhen you go to the wikki, the first external link there is to this page Tongue

There's a reason for that, I am afraid. Takes Hat off

I really consider this an important milestone for the site!  Hurrah!

This is great news, officially the home of Chaos Dwarfs!
Well done Xander and all of the CD community
Wow! I knew we'd been high up for a long time, but this proves, without shadow of a doubt, that we're THE website. All thanks to Mr. Xander for the provision of the website and thanks to all of you guys and lass(es)! Well done, everybody, a noble milestone indeed!
Go UsCheers!Cheers!
We rule!
Just as it should be. Respect to the Hat!
Love the Google picture, Xander Big Grin

Congrats on having the number one CD site.  
Perhaps we can make the wikipedia holding number one for Chaos Dwarves have a little "accident" Evil idea

Not really necessary.  We get a lot of hits coming from Wikipedia. Happy

The Flying Beaver Wrote:

Shouldn't that be Hashut?! Happy

it should be hurrar for Hashut Tongue
Good Job Xander, you are a true Godfather!
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