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Full Version: Ishkur's Dawi Zharr project
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I love these conversions, and the paint jobs are awesome!  The best Tall Hat conversions I have seen!


Painting in two night blocks is the best way of getting an army done for sure... I recently started using a similar principal but i'm doing 6 warriors in 2 nights then a character or war machine to reward myself Happy

Love your pointy hats! I take it you used the half of the marauder drum which doesn't have an arm twice for the end model??

Cheers, Mont
Awesome job with the molds.  We'd love a translation!
These are so hardcore badass!  I love them.  Your casting method makes it so efficient!  I too am jealous, as I convert each one from scratch, hehe.

Well done sir!


Absolutely love the army, youv'e made the classic look repectable. Respect to the Hat!

I also love the dark gritty colour scheme and the lava bases, well doneTakes Hat off




Those are the best big hat models I have seen.

Dislike lessening...must fight it...! Ishkur, what have you done to me?!

I like the standard bearer a lot, the combination of hat and mask works really well.


Cool can't wait to see it painted.Also how did you do those burns.


Wow, incredibly good sculpted face there Ishkur!

The Slaver

That is AWSOME!!! the burnt face, the whip, he is perfect. in my opinion, THIS is where the CD should be going.


Greetings! Takes Hat off I really like your chaos dwarf warriors and hobgoblin bolt thrower. Im so jealous (i must get those moulds!!!) If Games Workshop is going to remake chaos dwarfs, they should make them like these.


The Slaver

* head simply implodes with the raw awsomeness of this project, spewing kudos over everything*


I think Im in love, that earthshaker is the best thing I have ever seen... My b-day is soon, so you could convert a second one for me, neh? Wink

Serriously, I cant find any faults on it, its just goddamn perfect. Where is that bullhead from the second picture from? And how did you get that shape on the metal?
The DZ with the whip is also fantastic, but I think I have told you that before Tongue Wink

Lepreh Khan

Gee, I've just lost the drive momentarily to convert up stuff...

Hehe, the minotaur marines... half bull, half smurf...

-Lepreh Khan


Wow, these look really nice, the best earthshaker ive ever seen, this GW quality or better.
You should try and convince xander to put you in the picture gallery section, your cd's have no doubt inspired all of us


hi... I really like your basesTakes Hat off can you please tell me how you did them that way... If you do I might steal them if it's okTongue



ZOMG! I want you to make the new Dawi Zharr models! This is almost so good as to be called art!

- Tallhat


AGPO Wrote:
I don't see why mini painting (as an end in itself) isn't usually art tallhat, check out Golden Daemon, or Golden Hat for that matter! but I agree with you on one thing - MAKE MORE MODELS ISHKUR!!!

I wasnt implying that painting isnt art. I was talkign about his modeling skills. I was actually giving him a compliment.

- Tallhat


Keep it up Ishtar!  You are truly an inspiration! Cheers!

- McNs


looking good man . face looks sweet


like this canix?
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