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Full Version: Mark of Chaos
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Have you played this game?  If so, how is it?  I am probably going to try it pretty soon.

Also, check this out:

Pretty sweet. Happy

This is the Model that my 2nd Warrior Unit is being based on.

Thoughts on the game, pic, etc? Takes Hat off
I got it last weekend, the game is very good (or at least in campaign mode); although the plot line is fairly unoriginal in the empire section (chaos section seems more interesting, but i'm only on cpt 1)

The Dark One

i got told on tuesday by a lot of people that it's quite a bad game (funny thing is i never even asked them about it).  but i have never played it (still want too)

now seeing that chaos dwarfs are in it, i now want to play it even more (need to get this computer sorted)
I have it and have done since Christmas, just my damned graphics card isn't good enough and my old Boris won't let me get a new one (I also have no money!).
@HB do you have the problem where the pointer disappears on the main screen after playing?
it also takes ages for me to load between games (but that might just be my comp); worth the wait though; although I've taken to reading a book over the course of a chapter to amuse myself during loading times
Does the game come on mac?

More than likely it doesn't, but I suppose it's worth asking.

The chosen of hashut

No, I don't think it come on mac. I have the game and have completed the chaos campaign. I don't really like the end of the campaign, but the game is pretty good.
LZ: No, it installs, but I can't even start it up, just get a message saying my graphics card isn't good enough.

Dark Prince

I had it. Beat it in a week wit both the Empire and Chaos. I wanted to play online, but the system runs on Game Spy which cost more money, or LAN, but there are so many bugs I could never open the right routers.  So on game play I give it a 5, graphics a 8, story a 2 so over all about 4.5
Not worth the money new,,,,,O yea sold mine on Ebay for 25.00 after paying 50.00
I'd only buy it if I could get a Chaos Dwarf patch. The Empire are meant to be awful on there.


Hrm yes, I bought it right after christmas. It was dissapointing to say the least.
Other than the graphics it just felt like a tedious and boring small-scale version of Rome:TW.Hobgoblin
It's nothing special... and has nothing with wfb mechanics...

WH: Dark Omen was much better in my opinion...
Hehe, I love Dark Omen, what a great game.
Did u ever tried  to play online? Wink
My online never really worked, but I did play it a few times against my brother over a LAN.  Not exactly a balanced multiplayer game, but it was fun nevertheless.


ive seen the intro
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