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Full Version: Hashut's Blessing Chaos Dwarf Workings
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i was busy eating cake as one of my modly duties Wink I didn;t realise my pictures were down. Well, when I ccan get a camera that will last longer than two minutes, I shall take some new pictures. Yes, this thread IS old, but I had mentioned that there were some pictures of mine floating about somewhere. However, this thread IS definitive proof of my original idea to use crewmen as sorcerers, mwahahahahah! [/shameless plug] It's 1:45am and I still got 5 pages of replies to catch up with and AC2 to post, then some sleep. After that, I shall take pics (hopefully some in a battle at GW too) and repost the original pictures. Sorry to keep ya'll waiting Big Grin Took your time to find my hidden corner though Wink
I can squeeze 2,000 points with all the Greenskins, but I'm not so sure I want to use that many Greenskins in an army that size. I got some more CDs painted since, so it may be easier. I'll have to re-do an army list.
They were working for me, so I've done quick edit and save changes. if it still doesn;t work, let me know and I'll change the links properly...
Well, it;s long overdue, but time to get rid of some cobwebs. Most of this army was finished about 2 months ago! I've just not been able to take pictures. Now, these are, by FAR, not the best pictures and as a result, I didn;t bother with the whole army. Bare in mind, the pictures were taken at about 11:30pm, hence the bad lighting. I shall take some better ones (I hope) tomorrow or failing getting decent ones, will wait for a week and steal my mum's better camera and use that. Without further ado:

Front of unit 1

Angle of unit 1

Top of unit 1

Front of unit 2

Angle of unit 2

Top of unit 2

As you can see, (in the rear rank) the righthand model doesn;t rank properly. That's because he can replace the unit champion, but hasn't been placed on his base to go in the rear rank, but I wanted to show you the numbers involved. As a result, he pushed the other rear-rank model skewif as well.

Front of Hobgoblin archers

Angle of Hobgoblin archers

Top of Hobgoblin archers

With these fellows, I shall have them in a single rank, but it's easier to set them up for a picture like this and they fit in better. I'll also most likely have them as two units of 10 because it gives me the option to shoot at one or two targets.

Front of Hobgoblin "wolfriders"

Angle of Hobgoblin "wolfriders"

Top of Hobgoblin "wolfriders"

As I said before, this is just a little sneak peek, so you'll have to wait for special units, war machines, characters and generally better pictures. I have some parts to start making some bull centaurs and some warriors, but moved to university and haven't had the space nor time yet, plus I have enough models to game with (2k at least, I believe) for CDs and need to paint a LOT of other models that are already made.
Originally, the swivel gun WAS in the frint rank, but I have to have command in the front rank, hence why it's there. Also, I have them the wrong way round, so the swivel gun normally fires between heads. Thommy H, the mold lines are invisible in person Wink That's why ya can see them. As for basing, I've considered sanding them all and painting it Fortress Grey with Black Ink on, but I've never managed to create a model where doing more than painting the base has improved it. The best so far has been that it hasn't spoilt it and it really wasn't worth the effort it involved and wouldn't be army wide. Maybe one day in the future, but that's not today. Kera, nobody needs a wolf to be a wolfrider Wink Can always be a rider that is termed a wolf Tongue So, as opposed to a rider of wolves, they are riders of the wolves.

EDIT: forgot to comment on brown beards. Basically, I wanted a little more variation than just black and the odd blue beard with the occasional one being grey. Just made them a little too plain and boring.
I don't underestimate it, just can't do it well enough for it to IMPROVE the models Wink Yet. Okay, that one is, but only now that I;ve seen it there Tongue I've noticed that my damned Chaos Black has bled onto the Kommando Khaki in quite a few places too. It's not as though I didn;t plan to remove the ones I can now see, just saying I couldn't before.
Lord Bzaark, I'm hoping to win Willmark's anti-hat competition so I can give him a nice new hat and give three more models hats Tongue
The links to some of my pics are down for me as well now, so I'll go investigate that, but I've just totalled all the pics and it comes to 1,208 points (if the second Siegeshaker is taken as a death rocket) and even without the hero (as he can;t be seen at the moment), it still comes to 1,094 points. Mr. Xander, a medal, if you please?

EDIT: Okay, all fixed now. I thought the hero was the one in my avatar, who has actually become a unit champion, so I need factor in my avatar too: Totals at 1,230 points.
I updated the links, ya should be able to see most of it now. Mostly on pages 1 and 3 I think. There's a LITTLE bit on 2, but not much...
ARGH! I shall go investigate Wink

EDIT: Hokay! It should be sorted now! If not: this let's you into the album Wink
Nay, me wee lassie Wink I am no sub! Now drop and bake me 20!
A cake be a cake and ye get pics when I've had me fill Wink
*Devours cake anyway*

My camera is at uni Wink Meaning I cannae take pictures until the 4th at the earliest.
I didin;t say it was a blog, it's merely pictures, but it basically is. Apparently Wink
Right, well, it's been far too long, once again. I actually have most of a Chaaos Dwarf army painted now. Admittedly, it's not great so far and needs more CD units, but that's all in the pipelines. I plan to start posting some pictures of my army over the next few weeks. Once that's done, I shall start posting my CD warriors with great weapons! I still need to upload my tutorial for big hat style CDs from miners: it could have been done better, but it gets the point across Tongue Anyway, keep your eyes peeled as I intend to take pictures next week when the weather is better and I've stolen my camera back from my girlfriend's.
Well, I've decided that, to whet some appetites (hopefully) and to prove I will get something done, I shall post pictures of all of the work I've done previously seen on here, that I remember being on here, that isn't in this thread already (if I forgot, I may end up reposting, so apologies Tongue It's been a VERY long time Big Grin ).

Apologies to all for any bad pictures. If people want better ones taken, please ask!

Artisan's Contest 2 entry (the theme was a shrine):

The model is to be used as a Warshrine (using Mark of Tzeentch) in a Warriors of Chaos army. I'm thinking of other ways I can include CD related things, such as the Hellcannon, Bull Centaurs in the units of knights etc etc. I'd like to point out here, I didn't actually realise it at the time, nor in the pictures, not for MANY months afterwards, but my sorcerer's beard hasn't actually been painted, lol. Unfortunately, the model is 300+ miles away, so has to wait until at least Christmas to be painted Big Grin

Golden Hat 2 (theme was Rykarth the Unbreakable from Nemesis Campaign):

I hate how poorly these pictures came out, but I love the model. I have used an Ironbreakers Command. The body is that of the musician, minus horn and head. I have had to change the position of the feet as well. The new head is the commenader's head with some greenstuff to blend it into the body. The axe is simply three plastic axe heads from the dwarf boxes. I sculpted on a new beard and clipped the hair off from the back, sculpting some of my own. The severed head is simply a bearded, hatted Empire state troop's headThis was my first attempt at using greenstuff and I think it came out quite well. In the fluff that I wrote for the Nemesis Crown campaign, I had Rykarth become the head of the Immortals and debated between his personal unit being the Granite Guard and the Obsidian Guard because he just seemed to fit this so well. His original fluff merely stated that he was the only one able to stare down Archaon. Seemed fitting and so that was his role for the campaign and will be his role in all of my games. NOTE: The Indy GT list seems to have found the Nemesis Crown fluff and liked the same idea or had coincidentally very much the same ones as me Wink

Golden Hat 4 entry (theme was 5, non-command, slaves):

These were the only models I had made at the time that seemed fitting, so I set to work painting them. More than anything, I was trying to get a colour scheme decided upon for them and to enter the Golden Hat as it's always fun. I never expected to win, nor to get any votes. If you look at the voting thread, you'll see that I didn;t deserve any either and, fortunately, the results reflected that. Well done to the others! (It did spur me on to make what I feel is a rather cool front rank. My next entry is the unit commander for them Tongue )

Golden Hat 5 entry (theme was a banner bearer):

I decided to be a little less convetional and enter my champion as he had a back banner. I found that my only Chaos Dwarf army unit to have a banner by this point was my Orc unit. The actual standard bearer isn't all that great or interesting (I need to repaint the Orcy image on the front) and I enjoyed making and painting this one. I wanted others to enjoy it too. Short story is: the weapons are ogre ironfists (one is upside down because they are only left handed), the back banner is a piece of sprue with the skull banner top on top of it. I glued it onto his back and then greenstuffed some leather belts to make it seem like they were holding it on. I also chose to give him the mask to make him stand out even more, alongside given him the most armoured body and legs in the box: he's the Boss, he gets the best loot Wink

Golden Hat 6 entry (theme was a Gaoler from the recently released [at the time] Border Town Burning Mordheim supplement's Black Dwarf warband):

I really love this model, but didn't quite manage to do what I wanted with it: I was hoping to be able to sculpt on triangular leather scale mail, but had to settle for the mail he already had as my GS skills hadn't developed much by this point. The base model is a Dwarf Treasure Hunter for Mordheim. I ignored his backpack and removed hisequipment, leaving just his body, clothes and the pole in his right hand. I greenstuffed the hole on his back and made it to be leather (I.E. smooth and flush with the shoulder edging), I cut a spear marauder horsemen spear and shave it to a point, gluing it into his left hand to be a red hot poker (counting as an axe in game [the idea came from him being a VERY torturous gaoler] as a red hot poker would certainly piercer through armour somewhat more easily [or else squish against it, lol]) and glued four spare dwarf helmet horns to his helmet to CDify him without dismantling another of my precious few big hat models. For his man-catcher, I didn't have much to hand, so went against my usual roots and made it daemonic: it has a chaos spawn mouth on the end and a pair of daemonettes claws glued to the sides. Minimal greenstuff to smooth it and blend it into one piece. Proved very effective in my first game, catching 5 out of 6 members of Sousonou's warband (including his leader!), then ctaching the last and killing it's pet dog in the next game Big Grin We've not played since Wink

Golden Hat 9 entry (theme was Bull Centaur of any kind as long as it was clearly a Bull Centaur [so, no spider orcs for example]):

I had my H'thark the Unstoppable model (with axe and shield) painted and ready, but it felt bland and uninspired. So, I chose to be inspired! By Kera Foehunter, as it happens. Quite some time ago, she made a post with an idea and some pictures of some brilliant Bull Centaurs that used Gor bodies for the legs. I stole this idea, with the purchase of 10 beastmen bodies (5 were Gor and 5 were Ungor!), I set to work. I placed the Gor body at the front and clipped the Ungor in half. trying to remove as much tabard as possible. I then used the top half of the ungor to join the two bodies (this may be a little short for most people and, personally, is slightly so for me too: just add some scrap plastic/GS to make it longer) and had the basic shape. I added a VERY old white plastic dwarf head that I found in a bitzbox buy I'd recently made and glued it on, cutting off its helmet and drilling into its soft brains. I pushed a pin through with some glue on and the hat was partially done. I glued on marauder arms and they were done (one already had the shield on): I spent a LONG time debating two hand weapons or shield and my girlfriend chose for me in the end. On this model, I think it just looks better, so good choice from her Big Grin Next, I roughly GSed an arrow onto the front of the hat: once dry, I neated in by slicing away what I didn't need. I then chipped a chunk from the hat and some of the arrow to give him a slightly more battle hardened look. Greenstuff fur all over the bull part to hide the mess and give them a beard and hair (I covered the shouder joins here too). The spider part was just cut off from a spider (becoming a theme in my army, you'll notice with my "wolfriders") and sliced into the middle of the abdomen, gluing the black orc axe in place to show he's deadly AND has a great weapon. Then painted! (Legs are scab red, body is scab red with a watery layer of dwarf flesh to make the flesh red tinted. Fur and beard is black with fortress grey drybrushed on.)

Golden Hat 10 entry (theme was open contest!):

This is my Mordheim warband. I've just realised (in the process of making this post) that my entry wasn't 100% legal as the Gaoler from a previous GH was in it and my bull centaur too, which I only JUSt realised.. Fortunately, I got no votes and so all it did was grant all other entrants +1 slave. Overall, not a bad result Wink I'm VERY pleased I got no votes now: odd that nobody noticed, maybe my miniatures aren't that memorable Wink Anyhow, that means that everyone already knows how to make two of my warband. The two Informers (hobgoblins) are the night goblin that came free with WD a while ago and the archer unit champion from BfSKP. The sorcerer is a conversion I've been meaning to get done for some time now: a runepriest, although I ended up removing his staff (his rules don't give him one and a conversion I'm working on for a greenskin army needs it Big Grin ), replacing it with a space marine arm (to imply heavy armour as he is an armoured caster Big Grin ) with a flaming brand hand (not sure which set, maybe flagellants). I added the circlet of flame from the High Elf Wizards box (I only have it because a guy in my roleplaying group wanted an elven mage lol) and plonked it on top. His backpack is to make him look like he's travelled here and was made simply from a dwarf miner's steamdrill backpack. A large blob of greenstuff, smoothed and then stretched in places forms his lava-legs to show him just appearing from his Ritual (he got the Lava Walk ritual. I think that's its name...) and then painted. His eyes are purple in an attempt to show aethyric power (mostly because he's using it).

Comments are welcome: I also have fluff for my warband and each member in it! It's also being entered into the BTB competition!
Thanks. Always gotta love a dead spider Wink

Anyhow, I forgot to bring my camera back from my girlfriend's, however, I have a video camera with which I can take some basic pictures and I still have a few spare pics not yet posted. Regardless, with some "gentle" reminding, I shall post up more. I uncovered the CD upon which my, very poorly voiced, one-shot tutorial for making CD warriors is on. I shall try to upload this when I can, both in here and as a new thread elsewhere Wink
Unfortunately, due to some technical problems, I am unable to post the tutorial and it is too late (lightwise) to refilm a shorter version that will work, so I shall have to wait until tomorrow, Wednesday or next week, but I shall try to have some pics up. Sorry to disappoint to anyone that might read this Wink
Well, unless somebody can help me with the whole "getting the tutorial to go into Windows Movie Maker" thing, by the time I leave for Yorkshire tomorrow, I unfortunately can't have the tutorial up until next week. Also, I sifted through my photobucket pictures and the only ones that I have left are the ones already on here or non-CD ones. I may have to make an off-topic showcase for all of my other models, which have been receiving a lot more time of late (but that's more because I have painted all of the CD stuff that I've made and I want to get my already made models painted before I make more for me to have to paint, lol Tongue ). HOPEfully, I'll remember my camera and be able to get some decent(ish) pictures. Apologies for the delay again...
At least my sole fan can wait Wink Just gotta try to steal my camera back from my girlfriend Big Grin
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