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Full Version: Hashut's Blessing Chaos Dwarf Workings
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There's only one problem, and it's the front wheels... they just scream at me "40k bases!!!!"
You have to change them... You could replace them with artillery wheels from anything (40k plastic ork artillery wheels are great), or you could buy my spare hellcannon wheels (bwahaha).

Looking good!
very clean hat swap
Well, Kera, it's nice to see that someone would like to see some of my work Wink I'll try to get to work on the preparation for it tomorrow and then create it on Tuesday (hopefully uploading it later that day). Unfortunately, I have some coursework to do at university, but it hopefully won't interfere too much Tongue
Thanks for the kind words all ^^ Glad to see a few more have found the thread and may find it inspirational. I like being unique. It's far less boring Big Grin

Anyhow, I DID steal the camera, now I need to remember what is already in here (by which I mean look Big Grin) and then decide how to take the pics and wait until daylight to do so and then decide what you get to see this week Tongue
Well, I was trying to make my reply yesterday, but had to leave to get a coach to her Wink However, I have it all ready and am posting it. So, without further ado:

A small update of several things. Sorry for some of the pics being blurry, but I had to be very quick as I've got a coach to catch and I knwo it takes ages to upload my pictures. I'd like to point out now that there are some mould lines on the models, but they can't be seen in person and I've only just noticed them here. Also, the skin looks a little blotchier than in real life, but the bltochiness in real life actually gives them more depth and looks like they're somewhat dirtied by living in an ashen wasteland, thusly it's acceptable in person Wink

Anyhow, without further delay Big Grin

First up is my hobgoblin bolt thrower. It is simply a goblin spear chukka, with the front "teeth-grille" part glued on upside down.



Next up is my unit of Orc Arrer Boyz. Somehow, I have 11 and I think I have a few more floating about. I only bought 10 O.o Anyhow, the musician's horn is a beastmen horn that I had spare, the hand shaved down to be a grip and glued into place above his quiver, so he's still shooting. The standard bearer originally had a sword in his right hand, but I only wanted the champion to have a sword, so I lopped it off and replaced it with a beastment standard pole. There is a beastmen shield, a skull on chain, a cold one head (how I had a SPARE one, I'll never know, lol Tongue ) attached to a flail chain and a dwarf head all simply glued on and, hey presto, simple command group Tongue



Musician's Back

Detail of Standard Bearer

Side of Standard

Next up are my black orcs. My friend gave me 10 of these bad boys necause he was trying to create some space Big Grin Then, I obtained a standard bearer and musician in a group lot of Chaos and Ddark Elves I won on eBay. All I needed now was a champion, so I lopped off his right hand and added a 6th edition Chaos Warrior halberd and gave him a shield as a buckler. Job done Big Grin



Super-blurred "Detail" of Champion

Next up are some characters. I'll go into a little detail about each Wink

First is a model from, I believe, Masselfree Miniatures. no conversion work, just a paaintjob. I get the impression that he's too shiny and silver and I've JUST thought to chestnut ink his axe so that it matches my warriors' weapons, but otherwise, I can't think of how to dull him down whilst keeping his colour scheme fitting (so not inking the armour for example).


I wanted to get a detail shot of the beard, as I'm very pleased with my "blue-black" beards and bluebeards, but my camera wasn't having any of it Big Grin


Next is a model from Slavebay. I believe it was from Lord Archaon, who completely sculpted the model himself. I paid just 65 slaves for him! (This was before I had my free moderator slaves and had built them up just like everybody else Big Grin ) I decided that I had enough sorcerers and so replaced his staff/halberd weapon for a Chaos Warrior (6th edition again) halberd, which I've tried to paint to look like obsidian, but it looks more like marble. Regardless, I like it and am very proud of the model. (I'm now considering having him as a unit champion for my warriors. I seem to have a LOT of CD characters.)




Last out of these heroes is my metal mage Big Grin He is made almost exclusively from plastic parts. His body and arms are a dwarf miner's, the molten ball of lead is a plastic fanatic ball, greenstuffed onto the pointing hand (for the positioning). The rather unique weapon was just a pickaxe before I got to it Big Grin It has the hammerhead of one of the picks at the bottom, two pointy-ends of picks on the side, curving in an s shape and the wrench top from one for the cremen (I believe a BfSP one) on the other side. Behind him is a pile of coins that had a pole in them. Not a clue where this piece is from, if I'm honest Big Grin I think it's the miners again actually. The pole may have originally been separate or I may have extended it Wink It has a hammer-pick head on top and on the coins is the detonator device taken from the miners box. Hanging from the pole, midway, is a lantern from the miners box and a medallion type thing from a dwarf standard. The guy's head is a Tzeentch character on disc one. Sounds complicated, but it's not overly so Big Grin I like it Big Grin




The last thing is a single model. A prototype for my Chaos Dwarf Warriors made from a miner, a greenstuff beard and a pushpin hat Big Grin So far, I have made five, two of which will be unit champions. I have a slightly different variation without candles and have their original beards. I have made a tutorial to put on youtube, but youtube decided that it was too long, so I have to remake it and shorter. Just a sneak peek here Wink


Other Front


Detail of Big Hat

A link to the album, for those that wish to go back and look at the rest.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
Warhammerman: you've yet to see my Orc Boyz unit. I found the front rank yo be very fun Big Grin

Slight update: I downloaded a file converter last night, but it wasn't converting the sound. So, I downloaded a sound converter and it wasn't working. To cut a long story short, I have converted the tutorial video into a format I can edit, but i has no longer got sound, not even on the original file for some reason. After the podcast last night (which I finished around 3:45am. Dedication to the website there Wink ), I knew my microphone worked, so I downloaded some trial software for audio recording. Unfortunately, this lasts for just 30 days. I plan to, tonight or tomorrow, record a (hopefully clearer and more concise) audio for the video and edit the video down from 30mins to a usuable time. So, today or tomorrow, I should have a tutorial for you all Big Grin
Thanks for the comment, Thorne. Where abouts on them would you suggest using it? All over or just on the skin or just the weapons? Also, a 1/1 Badab Black-what wash? Or just plain Badab Black?
Thank you very much, kera. I'm glad that it was worth the wait in the end. As it happens, I'm not great at painting in my opinion, but that's more because I enjoy to convert things than anything else Big Grin I'm in the process of almost entirely scratchbuilding my first model, which is a goblin/night goblin shaman/great shaman that is the fattest goblin ever Wink It will also be a handy unit filler for my hobgbolins or for any goblins I may use in this army Big Grin

I'm still trying to find the time to record a voice-over for my conversion video, which will then require heavy editing so that it is not only less boring, but also less time-consuming Big Grin Then, I can also post it onto Youtube. But, at the moment, I believe this will be my next update, which will then be followed by some pics of some more warriors and some bull centaurs, which will also get a tutorial alongside them Wink
Well, it's been a little over a month since my last update, but this one feels like a VERY huge one to me and I'm very proud of it. Please excuse the two blips in the audio (it randomly gets louder for about three words and there are one or two places were words are cut off slightly for some reason). I wish some of the video was actually clearer, but this is the clearest footage I have. When I next make one of these models, I shall try to take pictures along the way and write a tutorial Tongue I'm still working on a transcript for the actual footage which I shall add later. Without further ado: Here it is! That's right, I've finally managed to get my Chaos Dwarf Warrior froma Dwarf Miner tutorial posted Big Grin

Thanks for the support, Kera. I don;t thinkt he actual tutorial is likely to be of help to you until I learn how to make females and/or pirates, plus your greenstuffing is far more advanced than mine Wink However, I hope that some ideas were obtained Big Grin

I apologise if my nose sounds a bit blocked, but I did it late at night (like all the podcasts) and had something of a cold (as with the last podcast). Working on trying to speaqk more clearly and then hoping to use the tutorials and podcasts to help me get some work (either radio plays or visual+voice acting and stuff).

What would you like a tutorial on next? I could try one on the bull centaurs I make using your original idea (of gor and ungor bodies) if you wanted?

Also, if possible, see if you can get some new members in here to see this. I guess I should make anew thread with it on too Big Grin
Well, I've created a new thread in the tutorials section, so if you want to continue talking about this, we can do so there. If you want to simply chat, we'll go to PM Wink

I'm still trying to figure out what to do next in this little showcase. I might try to get some clearer pictures and some army shots etc. I'm trying to get all of my built models painted before I continue buying and making new ones. Having said that, I am likely to make a picture and word tutorial for this within the year (realistically Tongue ), hopefully the next few months and try to get the last few Chaos Dwarf Warriors built. After that, it'd be trying to make a video and pictoral tutorial for the bull centaurs and get the last of those made.

Again, I'm glad you liked it Wink
I've just realised that, since I made this thread, I've had it in the wrong sodding place for quite some time. Anyhow, it is now in the correct subforum: blogs. It will be the slowest blog of all time, but it'll get there Wink ^^ Anyhow, any newcomers, I hope you enjoy it!

With a dissertation, practical dissertation, 2 or 3 essays, a practical exam, trying to find a job, competing against starscream and superfella, I am not able to find the time for converting my warriors. However, I have got hopes for an entry into GHXI, but it may not be realised for some time. Well, fingers crossed!
Now, what sort of youtube stuff would you like to see?

I'll warn you that I'm a little busy (I recently got a part, likely as lead, in a short film, so my time is being eaten even more quickly Big Grin), but I shall still try to get something done Wink
Sure thing, but what model would you like to see? I'll try to squeeze in some time, but need to know what to make first Big Grin
That'd force me to buy the Battle for Skull Pass set Wink I can conceivably try to get one done for Bull Centaurs and also for the character in my Bull Centaur RoR for the mini RoR contest? Or I can make one for characters from basic parts? Or try to think of unit entries you want to see done...
Another update, but only losely related to CDs: I have almost entirely finished my first near full sculpt, which will be used as a unit filler for slaves/hobgoblins. Anyhow, the link is here, but I have painted most of my last 19 hobgoblins ([to date]which I will also use as night goblins in my Greenskin army, as I ended up with enough greenskins to make a separate army of them, lol Tongue ) as much as I can until I get back to my paints. Out of 9 colours, I have done 7, the last two of which are for the belts/ropes and for their boots Tongue No pictures yet as I want to complete the whole unit first Big Grin Anyhow, enjoy Wink
All credit for the Bull centaur goes to Kera! Although I can't recall if she inspired me to it and then did it or if she did it and then inspired me to do it, ha ha ha.

I've still not yet got round to doing the other ones yet either!
Resurrecting my thread prior to me! How dare you Wink I jest of course, I've been back a few days and still not got round to making my 'return of' thread as planned, haha.

At present, there is little to show. I'm still navigating the best way to upload images (and then need to actually get some to upload!).

Honestly, in the last 6.5yrs, not very much has happened with regards to my hobbying, particularly so with Chaos Dwarfs. But expect a more thorough update soon. Whether here or as a new thread to delineate between two versions of armies (maybe that's more tantalising than it sounds, but it is titillating to read it that way!).
You took liberty? How very Chaos Dwarf of you. You shall not be punished this time Tongue Not for summoning Hashut's Blessing back into the Mortal Realms!

I started to notice that, just wasn't sure if we had more options - I guess paranoia of a repeat of Photobucket here.

At present, work is ongoing for completing an Age of Sigmar army, all Forgeworld, and all painted to the best of my ability (instead of just trying to get it finished to use). So far, a unit of 10 Fireglaives (with full command), a Daemonsmith and an Infernal Castellan are on the atble, but incomplete thus far.
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