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Full Version: Hashut's Blessing Chaos Dwarf Workings
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I prefer a darker, grittier approach towards the Chaos Dwarves, so the the shiny silver cannons and wheels are not really my thing. I'd apply some washes with thinned down black ink or armour wash and also some painted-on scratches and dirt marks to show these are actually used and have seen some action on the battlefield.

Your sorcerer is great!  He definitely needs a fiery magic ball, that's totally a good idea.  I think you do need to do somethin extra with those wheels, spiky bits would work well Cheers!
If you want to keep the shiny silver colour, then you could paint some scratches with black or a darker metallic colour such as boltgun metal.
Give your cannons a coat of slightly watered down black ink all over the silver bist and do the same with brown ink on the bronze, then goover the raised areas with the original colour leaving the inks showing in the recesses. In terms of highlighting, if you don't use it, vehicles and artillery are great places to start as they have such large surface areas. Mix a little chainmail or mithril silver in with your metalics and use the same tip as above, this time covering only the raised areas. Black and Boltgun metal gives you a very dark metalic colour ideal for CD iron. For the scratches, I would paint tin bitz as a base and then a thin line of boltgun inbetween, but I don't really think they are necessary on these models. Instead, if you want them to lok used, drybrush scorched brown around the 'mouth' of the cannon, with a second drybrush of chaos black right at the very tip of the cannon.

Its a shame you don't have the confidence in your abilities to give highlighting a shot, as from the neatness of these models you certainly have the capacity to be a very good painter. The best advice I can give is to just give it a shot. The worst that can happen is your models turn out slightly lighter than you intended, which can be sorted with an ink wash. Just try mixing a lighter colour in with your paijnt next time you do a model and then painting this mix over any raised areas. It doesn't need to be complicated, bleached bone, kommando khaki and mithril silver work really well. Later, if your mad and don't think these things through, you can move on to painting bone armour trims in eight stages for an entire Slaaneshi chaos warriors army. But hey, to do something like that you'd have to be stupid... right?...
i also use black ink washes to get darker shades out of boltgun metal.

great work so far liking it. to be honest all id do with the front wheels is fill the gap with putty and paint over it.
the siege shaker canon is cool. I like the smoke that kick butt Great job!!
The Immortal is very good. Is he just a repainted Ironbreaker?
Good work ,i like the canonball sorcererTakes Hat off
post pics as you go lets see the blunderbus unitRespect to the Hat!
I like the purple colour scheme HB very unique.  Great job!
Well personally I paint my beards black with a dark blue drybrush to bring out the curls a little.  Works very well for me.
I'm pretty sure I usually use Enchanted blue, but any somewhat dark blue will work as long as you don't vary.
*brushes away cobwebs*

Lets get this post back up to date! It is nice to see your work finally, apparently I didn't look hard enough the other day (thank you Knight of Awsome!)

Anywho, saying your stuff isn't up to scratch is non-sense! The only thing not up to scratch about this blog is photobucket! Perhaps try ImageShack?

Hop to it HB I would love to see more of your stuff!
HB we need pics! I can't see any of this stuff!!!
HB is staying at a mate's for a couple of days, if I'm not mistaken, so that's why he's not responding. Dunno how long he'll still be away though (can't remember).Happy

Hashut's Blessing Wrote:
Took your time to find my hidden corner though Wink

I found this place a very long time ago, and I hid in the darkest corners of it...

I wouldn't mind knowing how many points your army is so far?

You need to sort out those mold lines and do some basing - I think you'll be surprised how much those two simple steps will improve the look of your figures.
Well I just assume that the bases are not finished like that. Because they aren't. Wink I'm not so much a fan of brown beards for Chaos Dwarfs but at least your models are all painted - which is more than what can say of mine. ^^ I'd also position the rocket launcher / super blunderbuss in the front rank - for safety reasons. You don't want to blow away your unit champion's head with the first volley, do you! Big Grin
Everyone underestimates the power of basing before they do it properly, but it really does make a huge, huge difference.

And I really can't believe those mold lines aren't visible in person - you can see one along the edge of the Night Goblin boss's arm from the front. And, hey, even if they aren't visible, they are there and need to be eradicated Wink
This is a blog about HB's army???? Wink
Love the work you did on the Treasure Hunter to make your gaoler
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