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Full Version: Hashut's Blessing Chaos Dwarf Workings
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I realy like the orc .Good job on the bloodsplater.
Sigh!! well did you paint the lord of purple he cool to
Yes!!!!!!!!! boy you guys shure like using purple.
geeze sorry about the purple! H b  still like your stuff.
well still waiting !!!!!!!!!!!
still waiting   !!!! hb
i think he in jail !!!!!! for not posting what he said he do !
the moderator of this site are that way
well still waiting Hb but the picture of you eating cake there!!!!
ummmmmm angle food cake .
like your wolf rider  H.B.  lol where the wolf?????
cool idea thow!!!!!
So poo bear (h. b.)!!does this fit the same as wolf riders !!!!! lol
i like the use of the cold one i like the choise in rider of the wolves
come on sweety!!!!! let see your army please
argh is a pirate word H B  so drop and give me 20 push up!!
what 20 crab cakes !!
if you take 14 pictures it will be fine
that will never happen * kera walks off
like that will ever happen i was talking of getting the camera  back
we know about your weather
Great stuff hb love the dead spider
Yea yea !! now lets see it  H b
Well i can wait sweetie! take your time
Um !! H. b.  She does sleep don't she , take the Camera then!!
and place  a red rose next to her pillow!! Then your off the hook
Kera's helpfull hint #10093
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