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Full Version: Hashut's Blessing Chaos Dwarf Workings
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nice job
he WAS in York visiting a friend, EvilClown is right... but I'd have thought he'd be home by now; or at least online. does York not have internet access!? boooooooooo.
Finally some pics

and nice one's too

well done Cheers!
i feel sorry for that BB model Sorcerer, but you did what any good (if that is what we are) chaos dwarf player would do and saved the model. i think he looks better that way - amazing what a simple hat swap would do.
HB, would love to see the painted models, but it is still coming up mocde or deleted from photobucket on my view....

please try again.

Viskar Zhragoth
HB the whole CDO community wants to see your amazing and unique stuff! Takes Hat off

Hurry up! Wink

  This is pretty awesome.  Agreed on the good job done on the treasure hunter.  
well youi have 3 day s before i E-mail you better half
and tell that you have her camera
Cool, I like the spear chukka and the orcs too.
Hitting those orcs up wiht a 1/1 wash of badab black ink would make them super awesome !
They look great Hb !!!!! it was worth the wait
* Hug * great job
Well H.B  i  think you did a great job and i'm the first to say its perfect !!
What a strong English Voice  i forget a lot of time that there are diffrent accents here !!
just coming back   from people speaking no English or Broken English it a real Treat to here your voice ! i hope you do another !!   soon Please
I think it be a good idea  to put it in a diffrent place !!
Once a person post once on the topic they don't recheck like me
i omost missed it
i'm going to be a little busy this week so this weekend would be time i can talk more
i think you did good , pm me back and we can talk about  this!!
don't want to run the thread of topic
need more !! come on H b lets see more u-tube stuff!!
Like any of us have the time like we use to !!  but i say figure conversion is alway the best that i like
Skull pass figures would be cool
Even if it is a threadomacy... say HB, how about an update of your Chaos Dwarf models?! Tongue Wink

It would be nice to see what you have got built and painted in the years of your absence! Cheers!

Since I am the ruler with the largest Chaos Dwarf army here at CDO I took the liberty! Big Grin

I use "Imgur" to upload pictures, this is easy to handle even for me old stoic and "analog" chaos dwarf! Wink

Well then I am curious about the first pictures! Takes Hat off

He's back,!!   not just a memory, not just a rumour.  Can it be true?
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