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Full Version: Up and Running!
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Like I said early, I purchased the domain and I am pleased to say it is now up and running!  I encourage you to change your favourites so it has this new address saved.  You may need to login again because of this change. Happy

Thanks for helping us grow! Cheers!

P.S.  I guess I need to modify the banner, hehe, I will get on that...
Just like to point out, that currently, Mr. Xander pays for this new domain out of his own pocket. So, thank you!
Which is mostly subsidized with Siegeshaker purchases anyhow. Tongue  I've paid for a year's worth at this time, which is like 10 US dollars, no biggie. Tongue
Aye, but even so! Thank you nonetheless!
Some people have been experiencing difficulty while logging in.  They log in, but they remain as a Guest.  I think this was due to the Domain switch.

Be sure to login from

The old domain cookies might not function correctly since the switch.
Well, that's if you log in through the portal, I on the other hand, can't log out, but it doesn't bother me. I'm still using the favourites I used to have, so could change the link and it should work. But, I'm late and lazy.

Hashut's Blessing Wrote:
But, I'm late and lazy.

You're lazy *AND* pregnant?

Didn't know that!

Cheers Xander for all the hard work!
Hehe, thanks Hal!

With any luck will have the main site up and running soon, with some article-style content. Happy
I like the sound of that! Thanks for putting all this work and effort in Xander, you've made this a fantastic site
Yes I AM! And AGPO, it's weird that you like the sound of a 17 year old, short, fat, hairy, bearded guy being pregnant...
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