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I've been figting the urge! Just sold of most of my collection to concentrate and finally get an army done. GW is not helping, lol! Tongue

Luckily for me I have so much inspiration and plans for my Chaos Dwarf army that it's enough to keep me on the right track! Cheers!:
I haven't and I won't Tongue I don't collect elves. Darl Elves (for the most part) tend to drink wine and sometimes mead, as well as anything they loot from their raids. Corsairs are, effectively, commonly perceived Vikings.

I'm surprised at the price of the Cold One Knights. £12 for 5 heavy cavalry! Seems GW has decided to lower their prices there, for sure. Yes, they are plastic, but that's not the point... It's £12 for 10 plastic corsairs, so it seems a right bargain to me... Hence why Sousonou will be given a box for his b'day (the other day) and last Christmas (he he he) when they are out...
At 35 bucks Canadian, the new Cold Ones are a steal. Happy  Might have to get some because they are so awesome.
That is a good price.  It still won't tempt me to start an Elven army though.
Urm, I've already mentioned what it is that Dark Elves drink (which was stated as fact, not opinion). Alas, it's a shame that it's Dark Elves that are so cheap, purely because I don't collect them, he he he.
These new Dark alves arevery impressive, I have to admit I do suffer ocasionally from new army fever so I'm trying hard to stay away from these guys!!
One of the best deals GW have done for a very long time on the Cold One Riders, no really makes a fuss when they do good like that though, there would endless threads on how they are ****** if they were to expensive.

I like the new Dark Elves!
Love all the new models except the riders for the cold ones - they're appaling. I'm gonna order a whole load of the old ones and stick em on the new mounts
As I am sure has been stated before, a lot of the new Dark Elf models are amazing. The new dread lord, the new assassins, the new hydra model and especially the new corsairs, even the cthulu corsair character.
The new book is pretty nice as well, with many point costs being lowered and many new awesome magical items and rules.
If it was not for the fact that I am dedicated to my Chaos Dwarf army and that I am a poor college student, I would be on the new stuff like white on rice.
Also, one of my best friends plays Dark Elves, and has since we started the game, which is another reason why I am avoiding them. But he is soon to have the new book and battalion set when they arrive, so hopefully I can contribute to a new Dark Elf section in the tactics.
I play him almost daily at this point, so should not be too hard after a few weeks.
I was talking about the models.
Takes Hat off
There is one in the newest UK Wd. Not sure who won, but I'd assume DE as they are the new army... I'll read it later and find out.

Godbob and his jolly rogers Wrote:

Doogle Wrote:
I was talking about the models.
Takes Hat off

oh were you sorry for that Shy

Not really.
I actually personally like the rules also.
I also never mention that I liked the rules in the original post either. And to be honest, even though people on the Druchii forum dislike the rules, I personally do like them.
So I am especially sorry for nothing lol.

Are the new cold ones suitable for Dragon ogre conversions?
That's a good idea, AGPO. If they are, I shall steal that idea from you! They may be a little too thin... Mayhpas include "young/baby dragon ogres" on the 40 by 40 base to fill it up a little.
Well me buckos, i have a real good idea on how to use the new cold ones Wink

Have any of you people un-educated in the ways of the scaley ones heard of Tichi Huinchi's Raiders?

With a few of those new bad boyz, some plastic skinks and a hell of alot of putty, im gonna bring them into the 7th edition! Cheers!

AGPO Wrote:
Are the new cold ones suitable for Dragon ogre conversions?

No - they are excellent models but far too slender for a Dragon Ogre.

Got the DE book a couple of days ago - much less cheesy than the High Elfs although there is the potential to go crazy in the magic phase with heaps of extra power dice.

Got the cold one knights just for the mounts, riders a bit blah.

Got the Corsair box as bits for conversions - they are okay but not as good as I thought they were initially.

Will get Cpt. Squidhead when he is released. A decent weapons transplant and he could be a great figure.

The new cold ones are fantastic.  They remind me of the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park.
I may get two boxes of cold ones and put two to a base as young dragon ogres (they get larger the longer they live, so these must be new ones [yes, they're steriles, but these eggs hadn't been hit by lightning since before then, he he he]). Alternatively, people could use them isntead of wolves for hobgoblins.

Hashut's Blessing Wrote:
That's a good idea, AGPO. If they are, I shall steal that idea from you! They may be a little too thin... Mayhpas include "young/baby dragon ogres" on the 40 by 40 base to fill it up a little.

The old cold ones were ideal to go with the irongut torsos but that obviously worked out quite expensive. With these the torsos would be self sculpts and would be similar to chaos ogres. I understand what people say bout them being too slender but that would be the idea. I haven't seen the models in the flesh yet but I'm gonna go in to my local store and have a look when I get the chance. If they are too thin I'll use them as mount for Skeggi marrauder horsemen

AGPO, I second the idea of using them as Skeggi marauders. I actually took my marauder horseman chieftain off from his horse whren those rules came out and glued him to a cold one so he could also be a champion. I might get some more marauder horsemen and some cold one knights. Anybody want Chaos Elf Dark Riders, lol?
I can;t help it Sad It's an addiciton. Like cake, only more manageable Wink
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