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Full Version: Fortified Chaos Dwarf Mine (not mine)
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Wow, I've never seen that before, nor anything like it. It's been done incredibly well and it's link has been saved to favourites so that I may steal the idea when I have the time and resources to do so!

Good find al-hashut...
That is amazing.  I'll have to find some time to find out how he did it all in MDF
That's incredible. I wonder how many hours were put into it.
If it's been posted before, then I never saw it.
Nice find Cheers!
Wow, all of the work that has gone into this is absolutely stunning.  This should all be formatted into an article for the main part of the website.

Thommy H, he means he didn't make it, nor own it. it is A mine, but it isn't HIS mine.

Merchant, i think you misread the title, as it's notal-hashut's mine and the maker of the mine does not collect CDs (if I remember rightly from the thread).
For those who aren't keeping tabs on this, there have been several updates since this thread was originally posted. Happy
I have regained the power of speech Big Grin THAT IS JUST SO AWESOME !!!
Each additional detail is an innovative labour of love ,Hashut would be proud Hashut!
Sure there is an idea for a golden hat there ie piece of scenery, just dont allow Marcus to enterTongue
That person has talent beyond my knowledge... I forgot to keep checking back with it... I wish they'd build one for me Tongue
It looks so easy in the description.  Marcus, has any followed those instructions and come up with a result anywhere near as good?
That really is spectacular. Takes Hat off

Marcus Wrote:
Hey All,

Once again, I appreciate the kind comments. I will check in from time to time and comment, or answer questions. This whole thing is Teb's baby really.

I would encourage you to see the complete thread over at

Also, someone donated some "slaves" to me? What is that all about?


Slaves are the currency of respect.  The more slaves you have, the more respect you will have on the forum! Happy  

Thanks for signing up!

Marcus Wrote:
Also, someone donated some "slaves" to me? What is that all about?

That was me.

Everyone knows Chaos Dwarfs deal in slaves.  Whether it is from Orc bosses, or Ogre Tyrant, if you want the services of a Chaos Dwarf you pay them with slaves!

I am happy to announce that CDO's slave plugin is now working.  The only people who can give out slaves are Admins and Mods.  They will be able to reward people for good posts, good etiquette, for winning painting competitions, or anything else!  Users will also gradually earn slaves for being members, you may not even know why!  We have decided to keep it a mystery to reduce abuse.  And look out!  If you are caught being mean or nasty to fellow members, the staff may see fit to punish you by sacrificing your slaves!  

It's pretty simple, be a positive member of the community and you will earn slaves, be a negative member of the community and you will lose slaves.  Slaves are good for bragging rights, as well as a sense of accomplishment!  Once you earn your own slaves you can donate them to other users, or even pay users to make you things (like avatars!).  

Currently, slaves will be earned quite slowly, so don't be too worried if you don't have any!

Let the slave trade begin!

I believe this to be the most jaw-dropping thing I have seen on the world wide interweb. I have been through the thread so far at Warhammer-Empire, and it is incredibly impressive. I really like the look you and Teb have come up with for the Dawi-Zharr.

You are a freakishly talented individual.
As Marcus said, that SPECTaCLAR, gob-smacking carving is made from wood. Outstanding!
Direct link to new content:

Awesome stuff! Big Grin
A-W-E-S-O-M-E ,the tutorials are really good .This is the most inspiring piece of terrian i have ever seen  Respect to the Hat!
If only it were possible to buy it.
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