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Full Version: how long have you been playing
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as said by KoA in another thread how long have you been playing WH for i've been playing for a good old age of 7 years Happy
Something like 19 years now...
for never. but i painted my first model ever for Xander for Valentine's day of last year. i might try to learn one day, but who knows *shrugs*

so wait, you've been playing since you were 6 godbob!? holy. o_o
How nice of you to make this thread for meCheers!!

I have sortive been in the hobby for 7-8 years but only two of them count...
I'm pretty bad with dates and times, but I am going to say about 15 or 16 years now.
same as godbob my first model was an ork biker
I have been painting since 5th edition (i remember buying the sixth edition started set with my bro back in 2000) i have been painting (very cr*py, but still painting) since about 5 ish my brother brought home some chaos for me to paint with him, he was like 14 or so. But I have been playing since 2000 so umm... 8 years me thinks, I bought the 6th edition started the ors vs empire one like right as it came out, so when ever that was Happy

Sojourn Wrote:
so wait, you've been playing since you were 6 godbob!? holy. o_o

yes that's right a "wee lad i was"

Lets see 1989.. carry the one, subtract the 4 errr. 19 years?
for about half my life so 8 years about the same time i started playing D&D
don't know, it was in the 6th edition before the beast of chaos came
4 years. And theres already one of these threads:
since 2005 where i got my first dwarf slayers..
then i got long drong  slayer pirate!!!!!!! whoo hoo now that \'s some cool dwarfs..
Pyro is correct. Please check for threads before creating new ones. For those that wish to know, since the Christmas of 1999, if I remember rightly. Might have been the Christmas of 2000. Willmark, you've been playing since I was born!

Thread shall be closed. Any people wishing to post, please do so in the other thread, Pyro has linked it.
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