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Full Version: The Wiki Thread
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To work in conjunction with our Wiki project I have created a special tag that will link to pages in our Wiki!

As a sample, [*wiki*]Kollossus[/*wiki*] without the stars will produce Kollossus.

EDIT: Alternatively you can use [*[Kollossus]*] without the stars to produce Kollossus. (Just like the Wiki uses!)

This way when you make a post, you can wrap your key words in a Wiki tag and people won't have go ask "What is a Kollossus?"  They can just click the link to find out from the Wiki!  And if people already know what a Kollossus is, they can check out the Wiki entry and update it if need be!

That is an AWESOME idea!

Hashut's Blessing Wrote:
That is an AWESOME idea!

Haha, yes, and I coded it myself, hehe!  It should really help the functionality of the Wiki.  Like, if you want to make page for yourself, just use the tag and boom: Hashuts Blessing!

Now click the link, and click, create this page, and you are done!

When I have more time, I shall. It shall not be only about me, but about The Blessed One (I.E. Hashut's Messiah, my character, Hashut's Blessing upon the world.) and my army and ideas etc. Yeah!
Oh,that is very useful. I'd best get started then.

This thread is meant to get you to help us with ideas for the Chaos Dwarf wiki.

The simplest way that you can do this is by providing new pages for editing by placing wiki tags around words that need pages in the wiki, and placing them in this thread. This is done by putting a wiki tag  ([*wiki]Example[/*wiki]) around the word, without the stars. This automatically creates a page that can be editied in the wiki. So, add those tags and start editing those pages! Anyone can do it, and the mods can help tidy it up once the information is in there.

The other way you can help is by giving us ideas for things such as new sidebar categories, and other generic ways to improve on what we have.

Lets see what we've got!
Ellimist is right!  Don't be scared to add content! Do as best you can, and others will correct the formatting, so no worries!

I think I am going to add tags for [*[ and ]*]  (stars removed) just like the Wiki has... that might make it even easy for members to use!

*makes another tag*

Testing [*[ and ]*] tags: Kollossus

Boo yah.
Here are some Wiki entries that we could use:
Black Orcs, Slaves, Hobgoblins, Ogres, Ogre Kingdoms...

It's easy! Try it.
I am editing and sorting out army lists as we speak! Or type. Or browse. Or whatever.
A quick question. Would I have to remove the apostrophe from my name for the wiki link to work?

Hashut's Blessing Wrote:
A quick question. Would I have to remove the apostrophe from my name for the wiki link to work?

That may be the case.

Test: Hashuts Blessing Hashut's Blessing Hashut\'s Blessing
Does ' have a code like %45 or something?  I will have to look into it.

No apostrophe for me. Still, people will know it's me anyway. They're not THAT stupid, he he he.
Ya, we need that stuff archived. For sure.  Thanks Pulper!

You should try editing a page!  Don't worry if it is not perfect, someone will adjust it.  That's how Wikis work. Happy
Any new ideas on what we can add in?
Everything!  We need info and pics for every unit type!
Earthshaker, Death Rocket, Bull Centaurs, Sneaky Gits... the list goes on and on!
Yes, the format is correct.  Well done pulper.
Yep, that's the idea.

To learn the formatting just edit a sample page that is complete already.
Heh. Who made a page for "The Police?"
Ya, Kyte loves the police. Tongue  But we since got inter-wiki links working... so I doubt the page is needed any longer.

metro_gnome Wrote:
...but all the same if you could set up an automatic reference to the wiki it would do wonders...

Yes, for certain words we could do that.  It becomes slightly more difficult if people already use the wiki tags however.  Example, if we replace all "Kollossus" with [wiki]Kollossus[/wiki], then all [wiki]Kollossus[/wiki] will become [wiki][wiki]Kollossus[/wiki][/wiki].  So I will have to work out the correct "regular expression" to sort that out, maybe if I search for " Kollossus " with a leading and trailing space... yes, that would work... well, then I solved the problem as I typed... Hehe.

So what words/terms do we want flagged?

Ravening Hordes?

Name some more and we will add them. Happy

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