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Full Version: Juggergasm
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Oh my Hashut yes. That's the spot.
Very, very nice! Superior edging for the win!
Stunning, just stunning.
Can i has juggernaut?Rolleyes

I need one of them for my Chaos Lord...
Holy cr*p, this is going to be available isn't it? I thought is was a conversion! Shock

Can't wait to start my Warriors of Chaos now Happy
I think its going to be for warriors of chaos (He has a picture of the codex too), still i need one for my 40k army...
I don't like the thing on its nose, but otherwise it's quite nice. I'm not a huge fan of GW's current "omg detail" style, but it works for Chaos Warriors.

With a few tinkeringngngngs, that could make a really baddass Taurus Cheers!
Holy cr*p, that's awesome!!!

It looks bigger as well than the Bloodletter one so better suited for a mechanical Taurus. Hmmm, bummer, just bought the other one...
I assumed it was a conversion. If I get it, I shall snip off the weird headcrest-spikes (maybe replace them with something) and likely switch the head (it looks good except for the join between the horns and his ridge).

Quick question: why are there flames beneath it?
I think it's meant to be pawing at the ground like an angry bull, leaving a flaming furrow in the dirt.

Also, because it's a sure sign of awesome...
Looks like a great piece to do for my new son, who was born on the Khornate day of 8/8/8.  If I don't do much over the next few days/weeks then I have an excuse.
You mean you got a son last week Cornixt?

Well congrats then!!! *big hug!* Cheers!:
Hell yeah, Congratulations cornixt Cheers!
*falls off chair*
Just Wow!
the rider's head's not too good, but it's otherwise awesome.  If this comes out I might just have to get one!
Just needs some horns then it'll be a nice mech taurus
That bad boy comes in the Chaos Spearhead.
I am really really tempted to get it from Maelstrom when it comes out.

Filipicusius Wrote:
Huh...? Wha...?
If cryonicleech praises Khorne...
And not Hashut...
That means...
Almost got it...
That he is a...


All accusations of heresy are postponed while we bask in the glory of this latest creation (which has clearly just stomped forth from the forges of Daemon's Stump).

I think it's one of the best figures GW have made in a long long time.
I am really tempted to buy the Chaos spearhead (my first one ever).

I shudder to think how much it (the Spearhead) will cost over here though...
I think that a lot of the detail on that is the paintjob.
Granted, the highlighting does accentuate the lines of the figure rather effectively, but even so I reckon that miniature has some pretty crisp detailing on it.  It actually reminds me of a Rackham figure.
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