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Full Version: GW please Redo the Orcs
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Ok so in dawn of war, mark of chaos, and every picture that GW puts out on the orcs, they are hunched over and back curves. They are supposed to be twelve feet tall too and thats just the small ones, now in the models they are not hunched over. They have there *ss*s sticking way out and I hate it. Looks like they are asking to get violated or something.

What do you all think? Do you like the orcs how they are, or do you want to see some changes?
I dont think the orcs look even half as good as they do in their artwork but i guess thats the case with all armies but i do think that orc warriors seriously need to be redesigned. I hate the way they have their *ss*s sticking out as well. Every other unit looks ok but the warriors are just terribly simple looking.
i think they look ok
I agree on the hunchback, but only slightly

and also, 12 feet??? Ogres are 10, so Orcs are probably 6-7.

and on the hunched thing, their necks are already hunched, if they were standing up straight, their head would be over their shoulders.
Compared to pretty much every other Orc model of the time, the current plastics were fantastic when they were released. They were one of the first fully multipart plastic sets so it is understandable that they aren't 100% (The Chaos Warriors looked just plain odd in anatomy).  There are a few small issues I have with the models, but they are still great.  It would be nice to have some new ones though, for more variety and a pose that means they balance better without being hard to rank up.
I hope this doesn't come off as too trollish, but unless they want to play in GW tournaments, I can't imagine why anyone would build a Warhammer army using strictly GW models. Gamezone makes some terrific Orcs (as well as most of the other armies). You can still find Rackham metal, and it's usually on clearance. Those are just the companies that I like the best, I'm sure there are dozens of others sculpting Orcs that would easily slide into your units.

That being said, I don't think GW's Orcs are so bad. They have a slightly simian posture, but that doesn't bother me. I don't see a photo of a gorilla and assume that he's trying to seduce me just because his haunches extend further than his shoulders.
Totally off-topic but can someone tell which Orc/Goblin characters can ride a Wyvern?! Cheers!:
Black Orc Warboss
Orc Warboss
Orc Greater Shaman
Azhag the Slaughterer
Takes Hat off
Ah, so no Gobbos!?

It'll have to be a Orc Greater Shaman then! Thanks Lord Archaon!!! Cheers!:
At first I didn't like the look of them but they have grown on me in time...
they do look strange like the current chaos warriors boots
there just orcs!!! they should be hunch over so that they can get whipped all the time
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