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Full Version: Dark Elves, the gender-friendly army???
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Dark Elves are such a numerically small race I guess they kind of all have to be able to fight.
Becase there male counterpart can't fight!!!! Btw the males  look like women anyway !!
the way to tell them apart is the ears
Yes, since Elves look androgynous, there's no need to have dedicated female heads - just throw in some variant torsos and half your unit can be girls. With the Wood Elves it's actually kind of difficult to tell in other units which ones are supposed to be women. When my fiancée was painting her Wardancers she thought one was female because he appeared to be wearing a halter top (I argued it was just a cord across another part of his torso, not the edge of a garment). You really can't tell, especially when the males are muscular so they have bulging pectorals...
Nothing shocking there.

In fact if it wasn't for the fact that the witch elves might ritually sacrafice you to Khaine, while simultaneously peeling the flesh off your bones so the can then drink your blood, they would be kinda hot.

As it is I'm guessing they are just pissed off and not mention cold; what, with nothing more the a chain mail belly-shirt/halter top and a leather thong. I'm guessing not the most comfortable and/or warm attire when out in the Land of Chill.
Even in this "enlightened" age, women don't make up even close to 50% of fighting soldiers. Warhammer consists of even fewer "enlighted" cultures.
Very good point Cornixt.
Willmark!!! the dark elf witches are cold hearted!!! so they might like that feal of cold chain mail!!
point to cornix  in the enlighten age they  Wount let us fight,i think is becase of pms!!
it make killing so much fun!!!
I know it is not an entire army of females, but I am rather partial to the TK Queen Takes Hat off
I like the model and fluff behind her.
As has been said before though, its pretty much the elf armies that use more women than the other armies.
Of course, a whole ogre army full of female ogres would scare me.
CONVERSION IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!Happy

Godbob and his jolly rogers Wrote:
you could make a female skink (IMO theres no difference)

Female Skinks spend more on shoes than male Skinks do.

Humans are so numerous that they have the luxury of not needing to field their womenfolk on the battlefield.  Dying races like Elves don't have that luxury.  I wonder if Dwarven women fight on the battlefield (or tunnels)?  I imagine they probably do.

yea and male skinks spend more money on fast cars than females skinks do! lol
i say battle fields  becase in the tunnels you can't tell male from female
New Chaos Dwarf unit, Cowcentaurs the milky maidens of Hushut. Cheers!
well let see it T- man sound like a good idea
What out zorn!!! it feeding time over there!
The lack of female models is due to a lot of basis on real-world armies (which also mostly lacked women) and because it is a fantasy setting, trying to sell models. Little boys think men fight better than women (generally) and there aren't many girls/ladies (in comparison to the guys) that play the game either...

Greenskins and lizardmen are asexual races and daemonettes do have a gender Tongue Their sex is androgynous (they have both parts) and they're gender (whether they are masculine or feminine) is dependent upon what the beholder most desires...

There are several female models, but the only armies that include any decent numbers are wood elves and dark elves. Having a quick think, none of the others do.

As for dwarf women, they don't fight (any more than other armies that aren't pansies) and before anyone says "How can you tell? They have beards!", they do not have beards and the proof is in the pudding, by which I mean Queen Helga...
It's changed now, Gaixo. There are no longer considered to be female orcs.

As for the sxism comment, with dwarfs it's the length of their grindle. In English: plaits.
the proff in the pudding !!! so there female dwarf beard in the pudding now  oooooooh gross
I seem to recall there being female Greenskin cheerleaders for Bloodbowl and i'm sure I remember seeing Greenskin villagers miniatures back in 3rd edition days.
Orcs are a kind of fungus in 40k I believe (or something along those lines) but is that the case as well in fantasy now too?

Godbob and his jolly rogers Wrote:
i could get a pic if you likeHappy

That's alright, I believe you Wink

I'd think honour would say no for dwarf females. Basically the male dwarfs would get their beards in knots if dwarven females fought, just my NSHO

Godbob and his jolly rogers Wrote:

Hrothgar Goldgreed Wrote:
Anyway, that means Elves are besides threacherous and treehuggin', also let their women fight in battle. Confirms that they're ga.y!

sat that to DE players face Tongue

Aha, I say that to every single elf player I meet, and 3 of my most often opponents are High Elves, Wood Elves, and Dark Elves.
Alas, those wytches tear my army apart Mad

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