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Full Version: 40k Daemon Hunters
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Hey Dudes and Dudettes.

I'm trying to sort out my very first 40k army ever and i've chosen Daemon Hunters. Possibly not the easiest army to begin with but that aside it's what i want.

Now i'm having a bit of trouble working out what i can and can't do.

I've seen a few other Grey Knights lurking about so i figured someone might be able to help me out.

Now my question relates to units of inducted guard adn the whole allies thing.

As I understand it i need to have...
1 HQ choice from the Daemon Hunters codex
at least 2 troop choices from the Daemon hunters codex

Then i can have access to the imperial guard units listed on pg 30 of the Daemon hunters Codex.

In order to get access to things like ratling snipers and heavy support squads i would need to...
Have 1 HQ choice from the Imperial Guard codex
at least 2 troop choices from the imperial guard codex
then i can have access to some of the other cool stuff that the guard has, and can ally units of Daemon hunters according to the rules on pg 21 of the daemon hunters codex.

And sticking to the little force organisation chart thing the whole time as well...

Geez this 40k stuff is confusing Tongue

So can anyone who knows let me know if i'm on the right track?
IDHMBWM, but I think you're almost right. Re-read p30 as to what you can take and where it counts as in your force organisation. TBH, the way you're looking at doing it, you'll end-up with an Inquisitior-lead Guard army.
What does IDHMBWM Mean? Tongue

I'm planning to have a daemon hunters army using an inquisitor for my hq, and storm troopers and grey knights for troops with inducted guard providing a few more bodies and anti-tank shooting.

I just wanted to clarify how it all worked Happy

I've got around 1500 points worth of old metal guard and about 2000 worth of daemon hunters.

So it looks like i'll be able to go either way, with plenty of options Happy

Thanks for your Help Slev!
They way it works is this:
You can either have a DH army with Guard allies or a Guard Army with DH allies

Once you've chosen that you must have the min requirements from your 'core' army (usually 2 troops +1 HQ), once you've taken that you can then take allies (up to 1 HQ, 1 Elites, 2 Troops, 1 FA, & no HS IIRC) however you don't need to fufill the minimum requiremnets for your allies so you could just have  ratling snipers in the DH army for exmple.
If you choose Daemon Hunters as your "main army" you are further limited as to what you can take. See the Daemon hunters codex for details of which units you can take. Some units (for example Leman Russ tanks) require you to take some troops from your allies as well. Eg, you can't have an army made up of two units of grey knights, an inquisitor lord and a leman russ, there'd have to be some guardsmen
I play sisters of battle, (well kinda, i use the rules for them, but i have no sisters, just semi converted, catholic looking space marines.) They are amazing. What i have found is you want inquisition storm troopers. They form the core of my army, and am pretty sure deamon hunters have access to them as well...
If you are going to collect Deamonunters then collect a Pure Demonhunters army. It is worth it. If you are going to go through all the trobule of trying to get loads of imperial guard into your army list then just start an imperial guard list, or else build a deamonhunters army and include a few units of stormtroopers.

Captain Crayon Wrote:
What does IDHMBWM Mean? Tongue

it means I don't have my book with me..  It's not a very well know acronym..

Thanks for all the replies fellas.

I had it 99% correct then.

I'm planning to run a pure daemon hunters army, i was just trying to work out whether i could use the imperial guard stuff i found under my bed that i forgot I had. It was like christmas Happy

I've got 2 units of 8 grey knights plus 3 incinerators and 3 psycannons
6 grey knight terminators
2 inquisitors and a heap of retinue dudes
around 14 storm troopers
2 dreads & a landraider.

So a Daemon hunters and a guard army it is Happy Handy because i can add an infantry platoon for bigger games.

Thanks for all your helps. Now all i need to do is learn how to play! I've got a 750 pt game tee'd up for when i get back from Whoop whoop in early November Big Grin
Good choice! I have started 40k with Daemon Hunters too, provided you have a clear idea what you are aiming for with your army i am sure it will come together!

Keep us posted!
okay, my force organisation for your stuff would go like this
Inquisitor lord and retinue, tooled for combat and mounted in Landraider
9x Grey Knights inc Justicar and incinerator
8x Grey Knights inc Justicar and incinerator
10x Stormtroopers
10x Stormtroopers (I reckon its worth buying the extra six models here, since troops are key to 5th ed)
6 Grey Knights Terminators inc Captain
Inquisitor and retinue tooled for supporting role
Heavy Suppport:
5 Grey Knights inc Justicar, 3 psycannons and 1 incinerator

This would give you plenty of flexibility with most units capable in close combat and long range attack. There are four scoring units in the army, plus the option to deepstrike your terminators. In larger games you can bulk out the numbers by taking an infantry platoon and making one or both of your Grey Knights Squads fast attack, allowing them to deep strike.
take a tooled up anti-deepstriker retinue as well, it's great for new marines (especially LotD) + deamons.  2x Mystic, 3x Heavy Bolters, possibly 2x heirophant & a sage.  then load up on the no invunrable save stuff
Okidokie so ive got a bit of a list worked out for my 750 point game against the chaos space marines...

Inquisitor Lord
w/ Artificer Armour, Refractor field, Storm Bolter, Power weapon & Frag grenades
2 Acolytes with bolt pistols and frag grenades (extra wounds in the unit and a few more close combat attacks)
2 Gun servitors with heavy Bolters
a sage (for the +1 ballistic skill)
a cherubim (for the +1 Initiative)

10 Storm Troopers with 2 melta guns
Chimera with a multi laser, heavy bolter and smoke launchers, extra armour and a dozer blade

Justicar & 4 grey knights, with an incinerator

Justicar & 4 grey knights, with a psycannon.

The general idea was to keep things uncomplicated by not using psychic powers or crazy exotic wargear, i think the grey knights special rules will be enough for my first go

Chimera is in there rather than the rhino to learn how tanks work
No dreadnought because i have no grey knights hero

And the frag grenades are there because i had a few spare points.

two_heads_talking Wrote:

Captain Crayon Wrote:
What does IDHMBWM Mean? Tongue

it means I don't have my book with me..  It's not a very well know acronym..

When I be startin' on the internet these twelve years gone, we be usin it on IRC an' Mailin' Lists all the time lad.

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