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Full Version: The Word of Hashut - Issue #2
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That really does look remarkably professional.  Well done.
Great work to all involved! Happy

Special shout-out to my favourite news source, Tabletop Gaming News, for running a story about our second webzine. Happy

I've been waiting for this baby, will have to download it now and read it when I get back from work (can't wait Happy)
it looks awesome, round of aplause! I especialy like the fiction, great story and I would love to read more of it.
Very, very good! When I'm back at work I''ll print it out.

Btw, you can give the credit for the artwork in your editorial to Marco Timmer! Wink
Excellent issue ,Kudos to all in the creative team just had a read through and every article is professional ,well put together and of interest also the pictures/artwork throughout set the right atmospheric theme.
The story is good and engaging however the lack of a picture of wallacer's battleline in the battlereport is the only glaring omission when Reading the text.
My favourite article is the bloodbowl tactica ,concise and easy to follow Greatstuff Takes Hat off
@Willmark: the guy is a webnoob so I doubt you'll catch him online.

However, if he does see his work for some reason and is not credited for it that wouldn't be cool right?

But I know he's definitly not that Alex you've mentioned.
Wow that is a truly impressive piece of work! A lot of interesting articles there, I particularly liked the bull centaurs and the battle report. Takes Hat off
@Willmark: ah, like that. He checked with me. ^^
Very impressive guys, congrats to all involved Cheers!
As was said before it's very professional and a great flagship for Chaos Dwarfs, I really hope that alot of people from other forums and warhammer fans in general get to read this.

The 'look and feel' to the mag is great, superb layouts and artwork by all posted throughout, a joy to look at. I like that 'Eavy Hat is posted throughout and not just confined to a section (really happy I got in, though Ghrask has a H in it Wink).
Great hints and tips for players old and new in there I feel, a good idea to not write articles asuming that the people who read it know all about CD's and catering for the new guys and girls who may be finding out about CD's for the first time. Excellent article too by Uzkul Werit, nice to get alot of advice like that from a veteran (who is younger than me Big Grin) nice work buddy!
I enjoyed reading Clams 'testament' piece, a nice little insite into one of our members, a good idea I think to bring the community that little bit closer. Who will be next I wonder...
Great tutorials by Thommy and Lord Archaon, good to see the name generator in there too (hours of fun Big Grin... I need to get a life Unsure).

Havn't read through the fiction yet or the battle report (sorry guys) next time I get a bit of spare time looking forward to giving these a read through!

All in all an excellent magazine, amazing job! if I can come up with anything good enough I would love to get involved with the next issue, will definetly be giving it a bit of thought!!

Takes Hat off
Looks great, I'm impressed.  I wasn't sold on the first issue tbh, but this one is very well put together and very professional looking.  I was surprised to see my helcannon in there too!  While I'm ordinarily not too interested in fan fiction, I'm intrigued to see where this issue's story will go.... That silly Tilean, he doesn't know what he's getting into!  Nice work all, cheers Cheers!
I'm glad I digged up that article. Seeing it so well presented made my day! Must get round to reading it and maybe taking the Dawi Zharr out again!
Overall, fantastic issue.  The layout is great, it all works so well. This issue already surpasses most webzines, and if it continues at this rate then it will seriously challenge the professionals next year.
The amount of work put in by Willmark really shows through in the quality of the presentation. Let's hope he doesn't run out of free time anytime soon! These sorts of things need a great leader to get things going and completed, but those people don't always have the talents to produce anything more than okay (just look at most movies from the last year). Pretty good to have someone with both qualities on our side.
Special commendation to Thommy H, who writes so many good articles that need next to no work extra work. Can't wait for more of Dark Testament.
I'll post a link in the other forum.. there are a few Chaos Dwarf fans there as well and they also deserve to be blinded by the glory of our fanzine! Takes Hat off
Alas, I shall read it later because I must catch up on CDO and download Adobe again (a long story, but it explains my lack of presence).
Wow, my chaos dwarf blood bowl team had a small appearance in the last article! Tongue That really made my day, thanks!

(Which reminds me that I should update my thread someday...)
I'm a member of both, but I've not posted on either for a loooong time.
Wow, having a real hard time trying to print this beauty! Sad
I've posted an edited version of Willmark's original post onto and Da Warpath, in their generic Warhammer sections.  Let's see what happens.
It would be worth saying how big the file is next time.  Fortunately I was on a super fast connection to download it this time.
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