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tjub, let me say that your blog is amazing!!

I love everything I see! You are very talented. Happy  I've been busy with work lately so I haven't had a lot of time to check CDO, but wow, I've missed a lot!

Keep up the amazing work!
Both Metroid, and your Blog, rule. Happy
Looking excellent!
If you have 1000 points now, can I request a shot of the Army! Happy

Also, have you shown all of your painted models that are in your 1000 point army? If so I can award you a medal. Happy
The HWR look great! Happy  Time for a group shot to show us how large your army is getting. Wink
Love the group shots!  What an excellent little army so far!  Your newly finished BBs are great! Big Grin
You are masking fantastic progress!  Awesome work man!

Loving it all!
Awesome work, dude! Happy

Keep it up!
Pretty cool. Happy  New pics would be great! Wink
Awesome Kollossus! Big Grin

And congrats on your Silver Hat!
How many points are you up to now? Big Grin
Boo Soviets, Yay Hashut! Tongue

Nice stuff.  Do you want a shiny 2000 Points medal? Happy
Haha, I am the same way.  I don't feel I should get my 1000 point medal until I finish a unit of BBs!
Awesome stuff.  Love those slaves!



Its very cool but it looks the same as all your other mini's. I'm with Skink, I think you should find ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone as you have been doing the same stuff for years now man, and you need to keep progressing your skillz/ thinking outside the box.


Yeah Tjub I totally get that, I was kicking myself after I made that comment because everything should be cohesive and fit in with the other bits, and it certainly does that, and as the others say the paint scheme will be a big factor in adding some additional subtle differentiation.


nice to see something non-comical come out of those fingertips! what a result too =)
Wow, these little guys are so neat! Well done, tjub!
Super cool stuff. Keep it up tjub!
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