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Full Version: 1st models
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my 1st attempts at chaos dwarfs !!

2017 Image Salvage

They are looking excellent Takes Hat off

I like the paint job - the pictures you posted give a grim rusty industrial look to the minis and the ogre gutplate makes a great shield

Looking forward to any more pictures you post.
They look.... evil!

nice stuff, you are allowed to do more! Takes Hat off
That's a very effective colour scheme.  A whole army like that would look very impressive on the tabletop.


Very nice, what did you use for the back plates?
That's an awesome colour scheme phoenixlaw. Welcome to the forum!


For the back plates I used the miniature shield things off the dwarf sprue.


love the middle guys shield, looks like its gonna jump out and bite me :0
other than that the others have pretty mcuh said it all
I always thought that the gutplates would be a little too big for shields. Good one.
These guys looks so bad! Hehe, evil to the fullest degree!  I'd love to see some pictures of the sides/back.
Bl**dy H*ell! Those are AWESOME! An excellent and grimy colour scheme, good thinking with the buckler-come-shoulder-pauldrons and gut-plate-as-shield ideas. Wow! An army like this. *falls over*

*drools a bit*
Wow, I realy like them, You're starting to make me re-consider do helms for my Cds...

Can you get up some better pictures please? I cant see much detail in those (although what i can see looks great!).
Those look great, nice idea using the OK gut plates.
I have to say, the look very cool


I like them. The middle one reminds me of the old Chaos Sorcerer.

Hmm, shoulder pads. Nice idea...What's that behind you!
*Perturabo steals idea and runs off.*
Any pics from behind?  It is hard to see what else you converted on them.  They look great.
Yay, very cool!

Love those gutplates as shields... hm, luckily I happen to have some left in my bitzbox ^^
Thats a really sweet dude, I may try soething ike that for my next warriors unit. How many gutplates do you get off the ogre sprue?
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