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Full Version: The centauro enano blog (Hero chaos dwarf update)
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Promising start. Really like the Blunder Busser!
This stuff rocks!! nice work buddy Cheers!
Wow, really like them! Reallt good details on that blunderbusser.

So, will your normal warriors have masks, while your heroes wear hats?
Hey! is that a blunderbuss warrior with a big hat next to your lord? spill the beans dude Big Grin Wink
Don´t worry Centauroenano, I´m also spanish (or at least half) and do also have some problems with my english. But the people on this site is actually very polite and will not care that your english isn´t perfect.

So, when are we going to see more? Tongue Wink

(y si necesitas una traduccion, no dudes en preguntar)
It just get´s better and better Wink
This is AMAZING!

You could scratch sculpt amazing miniatures, I am sure of it!! Big Grin  Keep up the awesome work! I can't wait to see more!
The detailing is phenomenal.  Try sculpting an entire figure from scratch so that we can lavish slaves upon you Big Grin
Take a look at the showcase or army blogs section and see if anything there can inspire you.

(vamos, que mires en "showcase" o "army blogs" aver si algo te puede inspirar de alli)
The dude with the pistols is great.  For some reason I particularly like his amusingly large nose (warning - no Freudian jokes allowed).
Awesome work!

Man, I am so glad I founded CDO!  Look at all these talented sculptors taking the plunge, and making Chaos Dwarfs! It brings a tear to my eye! *sniff*
Yes, Mr. Xander, thank you for providing such good work that i spend half my life glued to my laptop crying over beautiful models and thanking them for showing them too me and wishing I could steal their ideas and pull them off succesfully!

*mutters* Damn ye...

centauro enano: sodding abso-flipping-lutely excellent! I love them! In a gamer to model way.. That sounds no better. oh well. I REALLY like the fact that you made the beard dip behind his pistol as though it's actually being squashed down by the presence of the gun. Good job! Also, I like the flames on the sorcerer's hat, can't wait to see the rest of the work on him. I really like the pistol with the bellhead and flame. Not sure what makes it so cool, but it is!

I have a single criticism which is: the captain's hat seems to finish a little sharply. It feels a little like something needs to be on top. Whether that be a simple spike or another skull (ace up or an actual skull) or small flame or something. But,t hat's personal taste. It still looks brilliant! Good job...
*falls down to the floor crying*

now I remeber why I started avoiding this site, you all make me feel sad and upset about my pathetic sculpting skills...

thsoe dwarves are awesomely cool, the sculpting is so clean and good, I'm so jelous
no need to apologise, I'm just over dramatic, thats allWinkHappy

PS: to help you sort out the quotes (at the moment the look a bit messy) try the quote box, just put [quote][-quote] around what the others say, and you get a funky box (note: replace - with /)

Still covering with great conversions. Keep them coming!
Love the hats and the noses on the latest minis. What are using for the regimental bases? Is that balsa wood?
hm, when i see your minis, i think i have to invest more time in sculpting my blunderbusses and gloves. you have cool stuff, very good GS-work. keep it up!

... and something... looks familar to me Happy
The detail on that guy's face is fantastic.   Gives him a ton of character.
cool sorcerer, especially the face and the fire is fine. bit the hat looks boring, just grey... maybe you can add some colours  Takes Hat off
That banner is stunning.  Good job.
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