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Full Version: GH VIII Speculation Anyone?
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We will be making an announcement about this shortly. Tongue
Astrogoth would be a superb idea. If its a bull centaur, i wonder if blood bowl entries would be allowed
Hopefully we will finally get War Machine so i can get my second Death Rocket or Bolt Thrower painted up. Astragoth would just involve me stripping mine and giving it a repaint. Theres not much point in sorceror since a sorceror is whats just won in the previous GH.
I'd like to see a warmachine competition. Earthshakers, Death Rockets, Firespitters, Bazookas, Doom Blasters, Hellcannons, Demon-Ass Cannons, Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers... Anything that fires something bigger than a fist.
Just to clarify, there will be an announcement soon, but we are waiting on certain things before we make it.  Or in other words we could annnounce it now, but we may be wrong if the theme changes.

Either way it should be a good one.
I wait for the anouncement with baited breath! *jumps up and down impatiently*

- Warplock
*Devours Sojourn's cake* Thank you, m'dear! Wondered where that went...

I'm tempted to blurt out that it's cake so I can feed for the coming year.

Bugger, I just told you all...
Thanks Wink Makes more room for cakings! See, Sojourn, I saved you from a foul toilety based death!
Sojourn, somebody's got to. That's made me remember another fact!
I had a cake-like chocolate pie over christmas.  Best of both worlds!
Grim, you only got away with it because it was part pie Wink But, they are delicious creatures, are they not? Wow, mildly off-topuic unless these are people's plans for their GHVIII entries, lol.
Well I've got my Golden Hat XXVI entry done, you're gonna have to wait for the competition obviously, but trust me - it'll be AWESOME Happy
I have my GH done. It's in the most recent WoH Wink Get it?
Like true chaos dwarfs, the mods have cunningly kept the card to thier chest and given themselves a headstart Wink
the next Golden Hat topic is hanging with Shirgar, Lord Lucan, Tallhat and Jesus...
A. I study drama Wink B. Sojourn, it finished earlier this week Big Grin C. We've told you several possibilities  Big Grin
Wasn't me Big Grin
I'm waiting.

Wait, am I?

Wait, I just said wait...

Wait, what? Wait?
Like a pint of Guiness...
So, Golden Hat IX speculation anyone..?
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