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Full Version: Golden Hat #8 - Painting Competition
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Willmark Wrote:
Clam- Let us get back to you on that question.

Magic.  Just say Magic. Takes Hat off

Maybe I should assemble my Hellcannon for this... hrm...

Im torn between three possible entries, one from each of the three era's of chaos dwarfs. I will just have to finish them all and then choose which one i think looks the best.
I'm still hoping I'll have the time for this. it coincides PERFECTLY with an essay I've just been given lol Tongue

Sojourn, it certainly was the one ya entered Wink

As for people's styles, I might have to go a little mental then, eh? Tongue
Im assuming the juggernaut counts as a warmachine?
Hopefully i will find the time to finish an entry within the next 3 weeks or so, before i move over to america for a few months.
As furrie has said, it was mentioned earlier in the thread Wink

Glad to see so many people planning to enter. I've got serious doubts about me entering because I've just had an entire year's worth of work dumped on me at once with very short deadlines, but I'll do my best!
Borador, we had 15 members enter one GH and that is our record to beat. It's not an age limit Wink So get building!
My apologies, thought it was 15 Wink But yes, let's beat the record. Pulp it, smash it, grind it, WARMACHINE IT!

If those Kollosi are feasible crew, then I guess so, but it's best to check with all of the staff as I'm giving a quick ruling here Big Grin

demi_morgana Wrote:
too bad I have no material for crewmen Sad
I'll wait for the GH#IX or even #X.. Unsure

No material for crewman?!  I am sure someone you know must have some spare BFSP Dwarfs kicking around!

Im probably going to be cutting it close, between working on COTT2 and this as im still waiting on important parts from Viskar but as you all know he has been in hospital so they havent arrived yet.
As long as I stay on track, I should be able to finish. Happy
I have no spares, Sojourn Wink I can;t even whip together an entry for  myself Sad

D.O.O.M Wrote:
is the "anvil of doom" a warmaschine?


Yes it is, as far as i know. I know it doesnt look much like a warmachine but the older version did:

Im going to have to start working on anohter entry since i havent recieved the parts i need to complete my first idea so i might as well have a back up plan just in case they dont arrive.
Any of the staff are acceptable, but Willmark is on most, probably (usually) followed by myself.
Also, Willmark's not the only one that can access the account ^^
Just check your Sent Items to confirm that your entries were delivered. Happy

I often send confirmations if they are requested in the PM. Happy
Entries are being formatted for the poll!  This might take a while!! Takes Hat off

We have many entries, well done to all!
Pics up, go submit votes! e.e
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