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Full Version: my dawi-zharr
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D.O.O.M Wrote:

here pic's of my cz creation's, the whitemetall stuff is from 2007, the gs stuff from the last week.
more words next time.

thx 4 inspiration, best

These are your own sculpts? Impressive to say these least. Welcome to the site.

Yay cool stuff! And a very unique take on the Dawi'zharr. Keep it up, look forward to seeing more. Happy
The blunderbusser on the right looks great, his face really conveys a grim determination.

The Gollum is amazing as well, welcome to the site pal.
Great stuff! Big Grin
You really master the Green Stuff - Really love that Warband of yours - now tell 'who is that girl - a female dwarf? - or??
Man if GW decides that they are not going to do chaos dwarfs, it doesn't matter, we have enough talented sculptors right now to do the job!
You have some really nice sculpts here Takes Hat off I like those orcs too, when all is said and done you are going to have one of the most unique armies around.

Very impressive!
Cool stuff your GS work is great all original sculpts with a nice eccentricity all of its own Takes Hat off

Slaves are on there way Respect to the Hat!
Terrific.  What impresses me the most is the sheer variety of models that you're working on.  You obviously just have a natual talent for sculpting.
Awesome work, dude! Keep it up!
These guys kick some serious ass. To me, its the expressions and dreadlocked beards that make them. They are angry and gritty. Very inspiring.
Wow, awesome work. Those guys with the bull skulls / masks look very cool and unique. Are you going to paint these as actual skulls or metal masks? I figure them wearing a bloodied, freshly flayed skull each would make a really gruesome and scary unit.
Looking good.  You should do a bit more work on the Bull Centaur model so you can get it painted and enter it in the Golden Hat comp.
that's a nasty manhunter... come on, paint it! Cheers!
Must admit that whilst I think the models themselves are really great, the shields... not so much.  I think they would look a lot better with the design sculpted on. Wink

I really like all these models, the one with the giant slave catcher especially.
I second the embossed shield look - more thematic for a CD army, IMO.
I like the muscles on the orc legs, and the toes. your sculpts are pretty nice! Right now I try to make some CD armatures, but I'm really desperate because of the arms and legs ^^
Good work, and your shop is nice, too
oh dude, I love your work! since I started to try to sculpt more complex stuff (not just beards and masks ^^), your work is a great inspiration for me and was sometimes pretty helpfull. Takes Hat off
I love the face on the rocket!
Somers great stuff in here mate! Happy
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