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Full Version: [07-21-2009] no Pirates! involved..just Dawi Zharr (WIP Taurus...wash me!)
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Awesome stuff! I see influences from my own work, Angryboy, and Snotling!  Nice work!

Welcome to the site!
Nice of skulls for the faces, those centaurs are pretty cool too, welcome to the site Cheers!
Welcome - and that's a great start of an army Takes Hat off
wow great job love your army melcher  what a way to join this site!!
First of all - it is always good to see some new faces in here, and when they bring with them there minis - is it just a big plus Happy I like you concept for the CDs. But I really like to see an upclose picture of the big 3 minis in the background of your large picture (the one with the 12 Blorcs, 25 Orcs, and a handfull of hobbos in it)

Cheers mate and keep them coming Cheers!
Sweet Wolfriders.  But I can't see your sorcerers!  I demand a close up in focus! Big Grin
nice mage   what did you use for his head ??
i love what you did with those plastic big hats  great job Melcher
no there is one test left  Melcher!!! you must face vader!!! Then you can be called a tall hat! ha ha
love the swamp baces on the hobgoblins
Nice use of the old mini's for unit fillers, I'm lovin the hobbo's too those trees really suit the swampy effect!
well i like your bolt thower  very pirate like  he he!
melcher could we get a side view on the bull centaur
Yes, it's way better.

And nice boltthrowers!
that one great!!! thank you very much melcher
look great!! So melcher are all the bases going to look like the one right
They look fantastic.  If they're not worth some slaves I don't know what is...
This a very impressive army already and it's not even painted Big Grin

Is the giant going to be the bull hero? would like to see what you've done there in detail... please!
Awesome work, dude!  Keep it up! Happy

I am still loving those bolt throwers. Awesome job.

How many points do you have painted so far? Happy
Is it possible to see a better/closer pic of you wolf riders?
They look really nice, congratulations.  Using the old big hat CD on statues as a nod to the past is quite a clever idea.  Might have to "borrow" that...
How many points do you have so far? Happy

Have you put any images in the image gallery?
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