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Full Version: Competition Scoring Systems
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I'm been seeing and hearing about competition scoring systems for years (WPS, KOMP) but all seem to be able to be abused. The group I belonged to was thinking of making their own before disbandment (too few taking care of everything).

So I decided to give it a go, yes I know I'm crazy.

This is what I've come up with so far and I'd like to know what you all think and maybe give total scores of your armies. Think 2000 point armies a system to alter the minimum numbers for higher points can be thought of later.

Points before magic items minus 1/2 points of magic items
-100 points for each power dice over 6
-100 points for each dispel dice over 4
-200 points for each spell caster over 2 (characters/units that add to casting or dispel pool including magic resistance)

Points before magic items
Double points for units with Full Command up to 3 less magic items
-200 for each unit shooting S4 or greater over 2
-100 for each unit shooting S3 or lower over 2
+50 for each unit over minimum.

Points before magic items
Double points for one unit with full command
-100 for each Standard Bolt Thrower over 2
-100 for each War Machine over 2 (or 2 Bolt Throwers and War Machine)
+100 for each unused spot.

Points before magic items
Double points for one unit with full command.
-200 for each war machine over 1
+200 for each unused spot.

+200 for BSB
-100 for each Regiment or Renown/Dogs of War unit over 1 (except Dogs of War armies)
-200 for Monsters
-400 for special characters (other than Regiment of Renown characters)

For each 1000 points over 2000 you can up the over numbers by 1 (or 2 for Standard Bolt Throwers)

OK the totals on a couple of my armies.

Slayer Army of Karak Kadrin
Daemon Slayer +55 (lots of magic items and abilities)
Dragon Slayer -35 (lots of magic items and abilities)
Dragon Slayer BSB 102.5 (lots of magic items and abilities)
Troll Slayers 256
Troll Slayers FC 514
Troll Slayers FC 566
2 doomies 130
2 doomies 130
12 Long Drong Pirate Slayers 438
Hewer 130
Unused Special 300
Unused Rare 200
MR models over 2 (2 doomies) -400
Dispel dice over 4 -200
Total 2286.5

Chaos Dwarf
Sorcerer Lord 182.5
Sorcerer 125
Sorcerer 122.5
Chaos Dwarf Warriors FC 388
Chaos Dwarf Warriors FC 413
Blunderbuss 252
Hobgoblin Bow 50
Hobgoblin Lt Armor/Shield FC 300
Sneaky Gits FC 360
2 Bolt Throwers 60
Death Rocket 80
Earth Shaker 110
Dispel Dice over 4 -200
Casting Dice over 6 -400
Models over 2 adding to dispel pool -200
Unused Special 100
Unused Rare 200
Total 1943 (Too Magic Heavy)

I need feedback on this. I would like to see how other armies (Bretonnia, Daemons, Dark Elf, High Elf, etc.) do. I'm going to see how my Empire and Dwarf lists do soon.
I'm personally a fan of the WPS system. It's not perfect, and it can be manipulated somewhat. However overall it's fairly thought out. I do think it's a bit harsh on Chaos Dwarfs, personally.

The local group and I use this to figure out "what power level" our armies our. My friend might say "I'm bringing a High Elf list comping out at 3100 on the WPS system" I then try to create a list within 200 of that. Makes the games a bit less about list building.

A big tournament, my favorite, will be using WPS. Perhaps the Midwest is a bit odd, but we like most of our RTTs and such to not be hardcore/WAAC... we want more compy lists.

As for other armies that I play on WPS

I think they're rather reasonable for them. The way I like to run my Empire comps rather reasonably.

It really encourages having a few peasant blocks. Which is easy for a Bret player, and the peasants are something a good Bret player should want to have. It's not harsh in my eyes.

(Nurgle) Demons
I think it's a little harsh on my army list, but I'm trying to play a fluffy/fun/still competitive list. Though I do understand why they do it. Then again I've opted for a GUO over DP simply because I think it is cooler.

Dark Elves
I tend to comp worse with them, it's been a while, but they are the army I want to go magic heavy with.... and I love the dagger way to much. I can easily make a more reasonable list. I'm also switching styles for them soon, so it'll shift. Overall I think it's pretty spot on, maybe a tiny bit harsher on them, but not annoyingly so.

Vampire Counts
I'm torn on this one. It punishes my old VC lists harshly... but that's good as those lists were nasty. My newer lists, which are meant to be nicer, still don't comp the best, though the new lists end up breaking even in bonuses/penalties... so it's not being cruel to my comp score.
I don't get it.

The points are for doing what with?
Here's a link to the WPS comp system

That way people know what we're talking about Tongue

swissdictator Wrote:
Here's a link to the WPS comp system

That way people know what we're talking about Tongue

Oh I know the WPS system. This is based on that principle?

Mainly to see how balanced their army is compared to someone elses.

On one system I scored 4000 with my 2K slayer army.

Soon after these comp systems started showing up, the KOMP was popular where I played, WD had in a article saying CHEESE was out and THEMED was in. But they both meant the same thing.

It's mainly a way to make sure you aren't building an army for a tournament that nobody would like to face.
Yeah, it's great for the "tough, but not a jerk" mantra. Softer lists might get a boost in scoring, depending on how the tournament is ran.

It basically discourages the worst combos, and rewards taking units that people might not normally take. So if you're a tactical genius, you can take a softer list, but do even better as it recognizes that. If you're not the best general, but playing a hard list you can still win and get points. At least that's the impression I've got.

It's an attempt to guage power levels of armies.

It's not perfect, and can be manipulated, but it's a nice foundation I'd have to say. It's also nice for friendly games, so you can be on par with each other.
I was thinking a deduction for units that shoot with 360 site and S4 (Jazells) with high numbers, Frenzied Units (Savage Orc Boar Boys, Khorn Knights/Warriors, Etc) and possibly fear/terror causing units.
A friend of mine tested your system (I linked him to the thread).

Here's what he said

Noble on Star Dragon, Dragon Mage, 2 x spear elfs x 11, FC; and 6 x lion chariots

ok, the 2641 is the score on Bilbo's prototype system...then -1754 is the WPS score...

I think perhaps a special/rare penalty for too many of the same unit...

you know, so you don't see 4 knights or 6 lion chariots sneaking through with no penalty...

It's a work in progress.

Deductions for more than 2 of each unit core and more than 1 special rare.
Bigger deduction for Monsters/tanks
Deduction for more than 1 chariot.

I think I would like to see everyone between 1900 and 2200 for average.

try these changes
-400 for Monsters
-300 for Steam Tank
-75 for each chariot over 1
Core -100 for each identical unit type over 2
Special -100 for each idential unit type over 1 (excludes war machines)
Rare -200 for each idential unit type over 1 (excludes war machines)

Did he have any other suggestions?
Other changes.

Double points for units with Full Command up to 3 less Netters, Fanatics, Ratling Guns.
-75 each Fanatic/Netter/Ratling Gun over 1 (combine Netters and Fanatics) per unit
-50 for each 360 line of sight shooter S4 or higher over 10.
-100 for each unit with Frenzy over 1
-100 for each unit with Terror over 1
-50 for each unit with Fear over 1 (Excludes Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings)
-50 for each unit Stubburn over 1
-100 for each unit Immune to Psychology over 1 (Excludes Slayer Army, Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings)
-100 for each Unbreakable unit over 1 (Excludes Slayer Army, Vampire Counts, and Tomb Kings)
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