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Full Version: Warvault Charge!
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Warvault recently reset there vote count!  That means we can rise to the top if everyone votes for Chaos Dwarfs Online!

Vote for us!  Help attract new members. Happy
Huzzah!  We are sitting at #9, well done everyone!  4 more votes and we'll be in the top 5!  So if you have work computers... Wink

Praise Hashut!
I will now vote! (For the first time *cowers*)
Wow, we did it!  We are number 5!  And just two votes out of 3rd spot!!  Nice work guys!
I am not sure Angryboy.  

But we just made it to the #3 spot!  Woo hoo!  7 Votes out of first. Great job guys!
3 more votes and we're #1! We're really kicking some ass here considering how much smaller we are compared to other forums! Good work guys!

Edit: Make that #1! Whoooo!
Holy crap we've done it!

"Wa-wah-wee-whoa. King in the castle, king in the castle, la la la, do this, do this, king in the castle." -Borat

Lord Marke

I'm sure you would like to believe so but unfortunately you are back in second place, hello by the way.
We got blitzed, hehe. goes up 23 spots, lol.
Wow. Glad to see first, but then to hear Khenmri went up 23 spots? Saving up their votes, much? He he he....

Lord Marke

cornixt Wrote:
I bet the exact same thing happened there as here, someone spotted it was reset and told everyone at the site.

You would think so but no, what you witnessed is all CV Big Grin.

We seem to have gone down around 10 votes mysteriously, as have all the site around us, and I was able to vote again. Everyone try it again, we may be able to re-take first place.

Lord Marke

Traitor King Wrote:
I was able to Re-Vote and now we're top again, leading by one!

Leading you say? Hm, according to my eye are in the lead by a good 55 votes Big Grin Tongue.

We are only trailing first by 10 votes now! Hehe! Takes Hat off


Yes were in the lead,again.

The Slaver

wahoo! we win, well for now at least. ok now its time to send sneaky gits all over the other site to mercilessly kill anyone else who vote. that'll keep us in first!
I don't have a clue how it works really.  Oh well...


im using my Grandmothers computer since im staying at her place, and she has a dialup connection, and i seem to be able to vote every time i connect :0 a bit odd, or is everyone able to vote again when they go back onto the internet after reconnecting?


perhaps, if that is true, i will now begin to register a vote for CDO every time i go on the interent Happy Cheers!
My guess for how it works is that every set period of time,it knocks off a certain amount from the back.  Like, let's say it has a span of a month.  Every week the oldest week's votes are dropped off, and you can vote again every week.

Something like that.
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