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Full Version: CDO 2008 Community Awards. Time to Vote!
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At the top of the Website News section of the forum you will see I have created a new subforum called CDO Community Awards 2008.

These are the threads you will use to vote, so now you all have 10 days to vote who you think deserves a medal in each category.

Some you may already have an opinion on, others you may not be aware of what each person has contributed over the last 12 months, so it might be worth taking a few days just to have a quick look around.  If you click on a person's name you can find all threads and posts by that member, a useful way to find who to vote for.

The polls are all 10 days, so will automatically shut at the end and the winners will be shown.

If anyone was curious I made them private polls, so nobody can see who voted for each person.

Thommy H Wrote:
Why would anyone nominate me for Best General? I barely even play Warhammer...

You must have a few posts on some peoples army lists or something.

Wow i wasnt expecting to get nominated for two categories. Cool.

That's an achievement in itself being nominated for two categories.  I think you're the 4th person to have this if you include the 2007 awards.


Just a reminder that if anyone does end up accidently voting for the wrong option I can change their vote.  Obviously this is not something I want to do too much, and I won't be doing it after the polls close, but if you are 100% sure about who you should have voted for just pm me.  I'll need to know the category, who you actually voted for and who you intended to vote for.

Grimstonefire Wrote:
That's an achievement in itself being nominated for two categories.  I think you're the 4th person to have this if you include the 2007 awards.

Cool. Well if i dont win any of them at least i can put that in my sig.

... Off to vote!
As Thommy said, pm'd nominations were then shortlisted and put into polls in no particular order.

Why people were nominated depends on what information each person was looking at. Wink  So each person will now have to search around the forum (using the search function if it's easier) to see which of the three in each category deserves their vote.

For my own voting I found certain categories were not immediately obvious who to vote for.

two_heads_talking Wrote:
Who nominated them and why were they nominated? I'd like to see this sort of information because I don't cast a vote without knowing the who, what, where, when, why and hows of a candidate. Otherwise, I might as well piss into a windstorm..

And I'm not completely sure how, but I missed the whole darned nomination process, thread and notice..  I blame the administration for not making the banner about this big enough for us old timers who can't see small things very well.. Shock

two_heads_talking Wrote:
see my above post again..  Perhaps I'm alone, but I found the lack of information a bit pisspoor.. sorry, but for something like this, I'd have expected a flashing banner, and more time .. but hey, I just travel through here, what the hell does my opinion matter?

two_heads_talking Wrote:
I see that now.. and saw it about the same time I stumbled across this thread.. I still stand by my statement.. Not enough flash.. I wonder if I am the only one who missed it.. IF that's the case then shame on me, if it's not.. then.... shame on..........

A "pisspoor" "lack of information"? O_O? Really? Anyone who knows me knows that I take suggestions for the site very seriously and always endeavour to clarify things and give as much time as possible.

Pisspoor? Wrote:
Another fantastic year into the record books.  In that time we've more than doubled the number of the posts on the forum!  We have about 70,000 posts now and nearly 1200 members!  To top that off, we just surpassed 2.5 million page views!  This past month was our most successful month ever in terms of traffic to the site! We had 179,564 page views! That's more than 30,000 views more than the nest best month!

I am also very pleased to see so many new faces on the forum these days taking up the mantle of the Chaos Dwarfs!  If I didn't get a chance to welcome you to the site in the welcome thread, let me say it again here: Welcome to the site!  Our "grassroots" movement to advance the Chaos Dwarfs' interest has been most successful, and we are looking forward to what the collective contributions of all members will produce in 2009!

But before we advance into our future endeavours, let us give thanks and recognition to all those people who people who made us proud in 2008!  5 Medals are to be awarded, just like last year. These medals recognize outstanding achievement for the year of 2008 with respect to the Chaos Dwarf community.  You are requested to nominate one person and their achievement for each category.

Entries must include 5 nominations, one for each category.  Entries that do not nominate a member for all 5 categories will be disregarded.  I also strongly encourage that you supply the reason for your nominations as in the example below.  If you can't think of who to nominate for a category, do some research.  If you don't know who the best general should be, take a look at the Gaming section of the forum. Who's been posting battle reports, tactic and helping others with army lists? These should help you come up with a nominee.

The categories are:

Best Attitude - A member should be nominated on their forum presence and behaviour toward other members, displaying exemplary attitudes of kindness and encouragement.

Best General - This member is always ready to give advice on army lists, has very good lists of his own, and perhaps has won a tournament or two using his Chaos Dwarf army.

Best Hobbyist - A nominee for this award has contributed an amazing model, or models that exemplifies what a Chaos Dwarf army should look like: flawless execution of conversion and painting while adhering to the Chaos Dwarf mythos.

Best Contributor - This award will go the member that has contributed most to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs.  He or she has done or made something that has profoundly benefited the presence of Chaos Dwarfs as a whole!

Best Overall Member - This member may not be the best hobbyist, might not ever win a tournament, but he or she has a great presence on the site, the forum, the wiki, the chat and whatever else!  They are dedicated to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs!

Nominations should be phrased like this:

Award Name - Member Name - The contribution that should be recognized.

Best Attitude - CheeseMan - For his/her excellent contributions to the forum games!
Best General - LordOfLava - for her/his excellent 2250 point list that isn't too beardy. (Hyper Link, if applicable)
Best Hobbyist - Rupert - For the most excellently crafted Bull Centaurs I have ever seen. (Hyper Link, if applicable)
Best Contributor - TempleTower - For his excellent guide to converting Sneaky Gits. (Hyper Link, if applicable)
Best Overall Member - Dwarf of Evil - The most positive, active, creative, driven, exciting person on the forums, when they speak, I want to listen!

PM your nominations to our new member called Staff, which every staff member has access to.  The Nominations will be tallied, and the top 3 members for each category will become official nominees.  The 15 Nominees' names will then be prepared in a poll for all to vote on beginning February 15th.

An important note!  The Staff CAN be nominated, HOWEVER, they must not be nominated for their staff-related duties.  For example, Willmark could be nominated for his work on the Webzine, but not for being excellent at moderating the forums.  This way we are all on fair ground.  We are dealing with what we offer the forum as members, not as staffers.

If you have any questions, just ask!  Send your nominations in as soon as you can!

Cheers, Cheers!

THT, I don't write these 750 word essays for my health!

Take even one second to go to the main website:

Not only did I allow TWO weeks for voting, I also posted a Reminder when there were two days left.  We even gave a heads up about it in the Podcast. It's even in my sig. o_o

Podcast Mention
Nominations Thread
Reminder Thread
Xander's Sig

I am not sure what else you want me to do?

May I suggest you set your favourite/bookmark to so you don't miss News posts in the future?

Yeah, must admit it would have been a bit much to do daily/ regular reminder threads for the nominations.  Xander's 2 day one was sufficient IMO.

We could look into sending out forum emails about this?  Can't remember if we did that or not?
Actually if i might add something else. For next years CDO awards I'd rather see a panel of senior members (moderators or Admins, chosen people etc...) select the nominees.

The reason for this I'll give later once other members feedback about this have been given! Wink

Obsidian Wrote:
Actually if i might add something else. For next years CDO awards I'd rather see a panel of senior members (moderators or Admins, chosen people etc...) select the nominees.

The reason for this I'll give later once other members feedback about this have been given! Wink

Is the reason that they will have a better understanding of who the best nominees are for each category?

To be honest I think that's a bad idea.

These awards are not the staff rewarding you, they are supposed to be you recognising the achievements of each other.

I have thought this past year that it might be an idea to remind people at 4 monthly intervals about the awards so that people aren't just influenced by posting in the last few months of the year.  I.e. people save a document on their computer with a WIP list of people as they see something they think is good.  Then at the end of the year it's just a case of copy and paste.

I did that for my nomination for the hobby category, I had someone in mind for a long time and just double checked near the end of the year.
You don't have to listen to the Podcast, you don't have to look at Sigs. But to indicate you've been slighted because you chose not to read the News updates just seems strange to me. You are saying you only notice news updates that have banners at the top of them?

I mean, having banners is a welcome suggestion, but the indictment that *we* didn't do enough to get the word out is what seems caustic to me.

two_heads_talking Wrote:
Feel free to pm me if you'd like. But I will critique it the way I see it, and apparently, my original critique wasn't all that acceptable..

two_heads_talking Wrote:
see my above post again..  Perhaps I'm alone, but I found the lack of information a bit pisspoor.. sorry, but for something like this, I'd have expected a flashing banner, and more time .. but hey, I just travel through here, what the hell does my opinion matter?

This goes a bit beyond "critique" in my opinion.

Thank you for your very thorough and clear (atleast to me!) answer Clam. It is exactly what I was thinking and why I made that reply.

@Grim: I wasn't saying that the staff would be responsible. Maybe I should have written it like this:
A panel chosen from members of the staff and from members of the forum.

I too in the end did not nominate as I wasn't sure of all the categries and who to choose in the end. I thought it better to not do it at all. I also only voted in the categories where I felt I could justify my vote.

I'm also hoping 2009 will be a better year than 2008 a nd will personally try to achieve this with more hobby related work (making miniatures, painting, blogs etc...) and less 'talk'.

Edit: @Kera: why?!
Who isn't nice? And it's about the community awards right so I guess pretty on topic. Wink
I think it's a good thing that it was hard to find nominations for categories personally.  If it was really easy there would be no point having votes as we would already have a winner picked for each category.

The fact that it was more challenging than last year means that the overall standard must be higher so that few people stand out mountains above the rest.

So we can gather feedback for 2009 awards, are these the main points so far:

  •   Email members perhaps a week before the official 'nominations are required thread' is posted.
  •   Have a banner on the nominations thread
  •   Remind people at 4 monthly intervals that they might want to have a quick check and keep a shortlist.
  •   Try and get a lot more people nominating so that the candidates represent a wider consensus.
  •   Something I want to change for next year is saying people can nominate a person in as many categories as they want, rather than the all or nothing approach.

Something we could consider is taking the top 3 nominations for each category then spending the next couple of weeks contacting all the nominees and seeing whether they want to be nominated?  If they don't we move down the list until the 3 per category are selected.   It would be a simple yes or no answer required, no opinions from staff on why people said each person was nominated.

This would have avoided the situation where people have no idea why they've been nominated, they can just say no.

I will try and arrange a forum wide email to remind people to send in their votes, so we can get as many as possible at this stage.

I am extremely hesitant to have only a select panel nominating people.  The whole idea of this is that it's you the forum members recognising the achievements of each other.  Who's to say that a small panel could represent the general consensus of the whole forum?  Not that I wish to be conspiratorial, but who's to say they wouldn't nominate each other?  That's why it's important it's by the whole forum.

Part of the reason these awards are important is that we can gather the views of the new members on what they think.  The interesting (or sad) thing was that hardly any of the newer members nominated.  Which is totally understandable, they don't have enough of a knowledge of everyone in every category (probably not helped by the all or nothing approach).  Hopefully if we change our approach to this we can get them nominating based on their experiences to date.

Are we all agreed that the awards are a good idea in general?  I think they show how friendly and progressive we are as a community.  I don't know of any other forum that does this so I'd really like to keep it.
@Clam and Two heads.  Check pm.

If anyone wants to pm me with suggestions or feedback I'm always willing to chat.

I will try and put together an email reminding all members that we have these awards and we need votes.  If people don't think any of the nominees in a category are who they would want to get that medal they don't have to vote!  But if we get more votes from those who lurk or don't check in often by an email reminder it will all help.

Obsidian Wrote:
However also a lot of new blogs these days go like this:

Hi, this is my blog, I'm planning this and once I got pics I'll show them here.

Why not wait with the blog untill you have actually something to show?!

Maybe I'm just a grumpy old sock but these things annoy me!

I usually do my best to discourage those sorts of posts.  If you see one like that, PM me, and I will inform the poster. Happy

I have received some really good suggestions from clam and two heads talking about how we can improve these awards (and other aspects of the forum/ site), so if anyone has anything they want to say privately all the staff have an 'open door' policy...  Open inbox?  You know what I mean Wink

We will sort out the issues in the staff section then try and improve the areas that need it.  Obviously the issues for the awards you will only see the changes this time next year, but other things we can sort out in the coming weeks/ months.

Grumpy old socks?  Never heard that expression before.  Have a beer Cheers!
My main problem with nominating people is that I have trouble remembering anything that happened over a month ago Wink
Now all you need is 1000 posts so you can have these as your custom titles.
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