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Full Version: Golden Hat #8 - Prizes Officially Announced!
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I am feeling super excited about this Golden Hat!  I want it to be the most successful contest we've ever had!  Moreover, I am in a generous mood! That is why I am pleased to announce these prizes!

So these are the prizes:
1. A brand new Dwarf Lord of Chaos from Avatars of War
2. A copy of the Canadian White Dwarf Supplement that featured a colour print-out of the Chaos Dwarf Army List from Ravening Hordes.
3. Your own email address, which can be set up to forward to your existing email!

It's simple, the top winner chooses a prize! Then we'll draw a random name for the next prize, they will choose from the remaining 2 prizes. Then we will raffle a second name, and they will receive the remaining prize!

Any questions? If you would like to donate a prize you may!

You still have time to paint an entry! One week is plenty enough time to paint a single War Machine. In fact I still have to paint mine! So get going everyone!

Cheers, Cheers!

P.S. Don't forget to cast your votes for CDO's 2008 Community Awards!

GRNDL Wrote:


Ubertechie Wrote:
I am happy to donate payment for the AOW mini and shipping of it to the winner

Whoa! Most excellent, you can donate the payment, or we could have two of them? It's your call! Happy

Tarrakk Blackhand Wrote:
Sounds awesome! I'll have to look up the official contest rules. Where are they?


Ubertechie Wrote:

Xander Wrote:

Ubertechie Wrote:
I am happy to donate payment for the AOW mini and shipping of it to the winner

Whoa! Most excellent, you can donate the payment, or we could have two of them? It's your call! Happy

I am happy to donate the payment if you already have the mini - is paypal okay ? If so send me details

No, I was just planning to buy one from the site.  But very well!  Your donation is gratuitously accepted! Big Grin Now I just have to post the White Dwarf Mag and Supplement. Happy

I hope that includes the boar demi'!

Takes Hat off Xander for the prizes and to ubertechie for his donation too, top man, another step forward for Chaos Dwarfs Online.

You know what... thats good enough for me Big Grin Takes Hat off

Hazkar Wrote:
uh,prizes... Shock
now its not a fun competition any more,this becomes seriousUnsure

Well, most of us don't know about the prizes until some time after we've started our entry, so it limits the seriousness of it all.

Actually I think it's really cool. It sounds like the way we used to do tournaments, leagues and competitions back at my old LGS, where the store or gamers would put up prizes (Since GW stopped backing leagues with prizes in our area some time around 2003).

I have no idea how many entries there will be.  But I didn't want that to matter. Tongue
That email address would be a cool thing to have. The AOW cd would be a great thing to win as well since the exchange rate is soo bad and they have just put their prices up as well.
I can donate some prizes for a future Golden Hat! Maybe a converted/painted mini or something like that? Cheers!
Now I'm even more bummed I didn't have time to enter lol Tongue Still, they went to good people Wink
WOW ,theres alot going on with that mini .The breastplate and helm look great ,would love to see it painted .Squash that inferior headBig Grin
Thats another great prize,CDO Gets better every day Respect to the Hat!

Thats an amazing prize!! Takes Hat off guys, thank you very much!
A very cool mini indeed, I will buying one of those as soon as it comes out. The cloak, the hammer and the helm, everything is just so good!

...That Dwarf sculpt is friggin' sweet. He looks like an early Chaos Dwarf, one from the days of the fall of the Old Ones and the rise of Hashut.

God, I'm looking forward to this. Hashut!
How cool is that! Cheers!

Now I can only hope that the cameras of all my competitors shot blurry pictures, and the minis were painted at candlelight with a size 10 brush so that there is a realistic chance that I can get my hands on this nice mini. *g*

No seriously, this is really nifty. And I can't wait to see all those cool entries! I'm sure we will all be blown away.
Demi, you sneaky git! Holding me out on this! Tongue
Poll up, go over and be blown away.
I don't know how I missed Demi's offering, but I have seen it now! O_O

I ... won... one! O_O YAY!
Muchos gracias, as they say in Cancun! Big Grin
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