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Full Version: Golden Hat #8 - The Final Round!
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OK everyone, awesome job. We now have the Top Ten finalists for Golden Hat VIII!

Voting is now complete in the preliminary round and great job for everyone getting their votes in. I don't know about you, but it was a tough decision for me to get to 9, let alone 5. So a congratulations is definately in order to those that made the final 10!

So without any further delay, here is what you will now do to determine the Top 3. Select any 3 numbers out of the 10, in no particular order, and send them via PM to Golden Hat; just like last round. There is no need to specify order simply the three you voted for; the Staff will do the rest from there.

Voting will end at 10:00 PM EST on Sunday, March 15th. We will not accept any votes after that point.

Also don't forget there is a lot of loot riding on these votes:, so make them count!

Here are the Ten Finalists:
Oh yeah!these are all deserving of prizesBig Grin I am really glad i entered and hope some of that awesomsauce contained in these rubs off on my GH9 entry Respect to the Hat!
great job on the final 10
now this is going to be hard!!!
'Only' 3 of my 5 favorites made it to the finals Sad

- but then again, it made it so much more easier to pick the top 3. Submitted my votes.
Voted too...
My votes are in - and well done to all - even if you didn't make it to the final ten, you still went out and did it.  And two of you have inspired me to try something like what you've done here myself.
Wow, this is going to be tough... most of my favourites actually made it into the finals! Congratz to all who made it this far. Cheers!

Correction: all of my favourites made it into the finals! Shock
Indeed when I was looking at this last night as I assembled the post i thought how the hell will I get this down to 3?
I've got one clear favorite. Can I vote for just one?

Angryboy2k please vote for three. It will goof up out vote tracking tool if you do not. Plus voting for three determines 2nd and 3rd place as well.
You have a vote tracking tool? How hi-tech is that! Respect to the Hat!
Damn.  That was really hard.  There are a lot of extremely good entries there.

CheTralfara Wrote:
 I'm dieing to know what that picture with the miniatures (what are those minis?) is on that sheet/page displayed in the GH8 prizes image logo.

The image is from the first page of the article on converting CDs from the 7th Ed plastic dwarves and marauder/chaos parts.

From left to right:

Basic plastic Dwarf, unmolested

Same dwarf, but top/front of helm (face) removed

As above, but with Chaos Space Marine Shoulder Pad added as face and marauder weapon arm in socket.

As above, but added Marauder shield

The other image on the banner is the Avatar of War "Dwarf Lord of Chaos"....

tough voting, we'll have to see how omniscient I am Wink
And the winner is?

The noise of the crowd was so loud we missed the announcement Tongue
"Voting will end at 10:00 PM EST on Sunday, March 15th. We will not accept any votes after that point".
I have tallied up all the votes so far.  If anyone is yet to vote please do it before the deadline.

Judging by the numbers so far there will not be a draw for any of the top 3, but could potentially be if we get a late rush of votes.  A couple of you have been pm as you need to vote for 3 and only 3.  So check your pm's.
Results would be nice, just so we wounded dogs can be put out of our misery and get on with the rest of our lives. Happy  Or get signed up for help-groups, psychoanalysts, etc.
Shush you!

Go ahead, tell us we just have to go into a third round of voting! Muahahaha Big Grin
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