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Full Version: 1000p finaly painted(PIC HEAVY)
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It was nearly a year ago i showcased my army in the conversation gallery:

Almost half a year later 500p was painted:

Army list:

Thank you Xander for your movies, it was they who got me started with CD. Infact ive been "stealing" inspiration from everyone on this forum muhahaha!

19 warriors with general:

14 blunderbusers with mage:


note: he is pulling them not being pulled


Death rocket i smashed just after taking army pic:


P.S It did not take a whole year to complete the army, things like "wow" distracted me.

2017 Image Salvage

lol reply after few minutes, im still editing the post, damn server going offline, have to do it in stepps
Your army is gorgeous. I really love it!
Very nice dark and dirty colourscheme .Those teenage hoodie blunders would frighten anyone and the deathrocket rules Takes Hat off
Excellent work! everything is awesome, nice job on the hellcanon and the slaves, I mean hobbos, look really good (I like the red hoods).

Where did you get those chains? they are perfect, I can't find any like that around here
Looks great!  Hm, your 1000 pts is a lot larger than my 1000 pts... perhaps I should ditch those blorcs and paint more hobbos.

I look forward to seeing more!

Ghrask Dragh Wrote:

Where did you get those chains? they are perfect, I can't find any like that around here

I found them in a hobby store, which happens to be opposite G.W stockholm, im not sure were else you can find small chains, cheap juwelry could be the sulotion.

wow i love your army  i like the blue skinns
Awesome stuff. Great, great army - and a rather unique colour scheme. I espicially love your take one the Hell Cannon Takes Hat off

Sad story about the death rocket - can it be fixed?
Ahh, my death rocket will be fine, but It will take a while, I had to reinforce the rockets with lots of superglue, and after that I have to fix the paint. And then it will be finer than ever.
First off - I want to congradulate you on your scale armour - it looks really even and decent.

Secondly - your colour scheme is really nice - everything works together, and it really looks like a unified army.

My only quibble is the rune of Hashut on your banner - its upside down!
Thanks guys for your very friendly responses, It made the effort worth.

Border Reiver Wrote:
My only quibble is the rune of Hashut on your banner - its upside down!

Is that so?

One of the best armies i've ever seen.  The conversions are excellent and the colour scheme works really well also.
Yeah - see Xander's article in Word of Hashut, Issue 3, page 24 and 25.  I can see how the rune can be flipped, but at least to me it appears upside down.  

I would say that because, when an axe is hung, the blade would likely be hanging down, and given how the rune is oriented on the axe blades, the open part would be the top.

Now, I really want to stress that I like the way your army looks - and quite frankly, blows mine away.
Okey guys thanks for the clarification on the icon, I will use it "uppsidedown" next time i use it.(bull centaurs come into mind).

And once again, thank you so much for your comments.
It's spring, when a young Dawi Zharr's head turns to thoughts of Bull Centaurs.  And I suspect that they'll be as well sculpted and painted as the first efforts are.
Ok bassman il think about the brightness of my pictures next time, the real deal is alot brighter than the pics. Remember, this is no big-hat army with lots of strong colors.
heja, i saw a great chaos dwarf diorama in GW stockholm, some one had entered it in a painting competition called the "Fang", it was kinda of a hellcannon which was pro painted.
Hey Blackgonzo - only just seen these pictures.

Your army is looking great - nice conversions, good paint job, striking bases - the complete package.

Roll on the next 1000 pts Takes Hat off
the skin is adaptus battle grey, black wash then shadow grey, THO i dont  recommend it. I you would realise if you saw them in real life, theye not terrible but,...
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