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Full Version: Picolo's Big Hat Army
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Now that is cool. I can not say how jealous I really am.

That is just way to cool. You might want to secure your locks as several of us may now be plotting to break in..
Nice job on the old models, very cool army, how many points do you have painted? I think you've just earned yourself a medal Takes Hat off
Nice work Piccolo! love the bold colours on those hobos at the front. Happy
great army !!   i like the old school stuff
nice armie, I wish I had some more money so I can create a old school CD armie
Kera smiles well where going into the 7th add
Very retro look to them good work.
Nice old school army.  Gotta be worth some slaves.
Great old school scheme ,I see your hobbo wolfriders have the usual hobbo problem, they all think their the Boss Takes Hat off
Picolo... you can always... hire me to paint... I'll be honest... I promise.. Tongue

Seriously though it warms my heart to see all these classics!

Nothing wrong with using a lot of bosses for Hobgobs, they're nice figures!
2 head i see you have no life!! 20 years, that's worst than being in jail?? at least they will cut the years shorter in jail for good behavior??

on topic
i also take a while on painting figures.

Piccolo Wrote:
btw do u think using imageshack for posting photos OK, or would u guys prefer me to use some other method?

There is no preference use whatever works for you - personally i use photobucket but that's because I already had an account there - as long as people can see the images thats all that really matter

that cool !!  did you get a good deal on them Piccolo??
You should not have a problem with ebay and shipping to Poland - if the seller doesn't list international shipping it is worth sending them an email to ask if they are willing to. Most people are more than willing to oblige.
People are not keen on shipping stuff from ebay to Italy due to things often being lost (or claiming to have been lost in the Italian postal system).
I have brought stuff and sold stuff to all corners of the globe on ebay and only had 2 problems in several hundred transactions
It warms my heard to see some classic CDs. Especially ones using classic O&G as well so it's completely period!

Awesome to see, and nice work on the Black Orcs.
I alway love that style Black orc !  great painting on them Killer banner Too
just don't change that banner! I love the style of the image. it has a nice stylization to it. and the unit looks good, but if you want to change it, I encourage it.

Will you choose a scheme similar to your dwarfs? or maybe the opposite scheme? though they're a distant project... keep it up! Happy
NIcely painted army there - love the models (I may be biased here) and I have to say that I am quite jealous of your ability with the eyes - mine never turn out that good.

Piccolo Wrote:
I was away for quite a while and it seems that imageshack removed my pictures so I had to upload them somewhere else and edit some of the older posts. There might be some pictures misplaced or missing since I don't have them anymore.

Here is an update on the blunderbusses:

I added some Russian Alternative Dwarves of the Fire Canyon minis to the original big hats to make a bigger regiment and I think they look pretty well together.

8 years as away "quite a while".... Wink

Piccolo Wrote:
What can I say, time flies.

I'm not condemning, merely pointing it out.

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