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Full Version: Strange Tournament Question.
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There's been a few threads in the past about making direct copies of GW figs in resin - which I know is wrong and Illegal and not condoned by this fourm...and I'm not going to do it.....but there has been discussion that if the GW staff were to pick up said copies, they could tell right away if they were the rip-offs.

What I'm wondering is if anyone ever experianced seeing anybody getting caught with resin knock-offs in a tournament?
Never at a tourney I have been to - however its a massive risk to run - GW (or even you opponent) picks up figure to look at the paint job - will instantly realise it feels to light and you could be in a world of hurt - best case evicted from tournament - worst case prosecuted by GW for copyright breach. In my opinion though anyone doing this would get what they deserve - some people don't realise just how abhorent copyright infringement/ intellectual property theft is and how it affects honest hard-working peoples livelihoods
I agree 100%, but just wondered about it. Crime doesn't pay!

On a side note, what about using other company's figures in your army, such as the Avatar of Woe's Chaos Dwarf? Does GW get touchy on that since it isn't one of their sculpts?
Blackhand: It's more of a case by case scenario. Some of the GW store run events have let us get by with some non-GW. As long as it is mostly GW.

A lot of tournaments around me don't care about the manufacturer. Then again, I got to a lot of RTTs.

Some will care, some won't. Some won't allow other company products, but will allow self-made sculpts. It is honestly best to check ahead of time.
They always say refs will remove non GW figs from the table at GTs but I've never seen it happen. The few times I have seen 1 or 2 non GW models, the person just isn't eligible for best army awards etc.

Best not to, if you're unsure.
It's a very situational things because I have seen them removed from pick up games at my local GW store. I guess the underlying theme is if you use copies or non-GW figs you do so at risk
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