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Full Version: Gavan's army 22/03/2009
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sweet!! Gavan this is a great start !! love the bull centaurs like the warriors too
That funny you should say that Gavan !! i lost my Ursula i cut off the bear rider
so im might be making a new rider
She going to be as cool
I'm going to chime in and say wonderful Bull Centaurs, your models capture the power and savagry of the unit.

What components are you using the for the Earthshaker?
Awesome stuff so far! Keep up the good work.

Yellow stuff! w00t.
Great start Gavan like the use of the chaos steeds at the bodys of the Bullcentaurs gives they a great look with the extra armour, good to see you have got a death rocket as well you can never have enough of them, keep up the good work cant wait to see some of them painted Happy
Hi Gavan i would not worry about the height difference the Bull centaurs in CD society are the blessed of Hashut because they have the lower body of the bull and as such they are given important duties ie guard the sorcerers who are at the top of the CD tree of power, your ones are just more blessed then any others Happy
Keep up the good work i am looking forward to seeing some of them painted

Gavan Sing Wrote:
1) How to paint the base to have the stone & flowing lava effect?

This might help:

Gavan that sounds like a cool idea!! can't wait to see it built
@ im working on 2 riders so i let you guys pick which one i use!!
omost done with them
What a great looking group of bulls!!!! i like the tusk on the bull centaur
The use of the BO bodies and the barded chaos steed bodies is really good to get the feel for a really big and nasty beastie.  However, before you prime and paint could you scrape off the Orc symbols on the minis?  

From an aesthetic POV, would you be able to switch out the heads?  Right now, the models don't say Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur to me, they say Black Orc centaur - the heads should at least have beards.  Would it be possible to put Dwarf Warrior heads on the BO bodies here to give the models a more Chaos Dwarf look?
All looking good so far! I especially like the bull centaurs Wink

One thing though, on the blunderbusses on the first post, you only seem to have cut away the top part of the dwarf's head, leaving the moustache and lips, so make sure you get rd of those before you stick the marauder heads on Wink

- Warplock
hurry is my comment !!
wow I really like all the conversion work, especially the bull centaurs. I like the BO heads better than the ogre heads, but the thing I like the most is the chaos steed body. Really Cool!!!
I like your conversions,, very good,, i like so much de goblin mounted on warhound[/u]
I really like the Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower. Nice creative use of bitz there.

The Bull Centaurs are nicely intimidating, but I think you should look at one of the beard-sculpting guides on the web. HotStuff's would do quite nicely.

The Sneaky Gitz (and especially their banner) are great! Hope to see more of them.
i love the death mage and the cool Bsb
that cool!!  i need to paint my now !! i do have a diffrent rider
glade i could help!! can't wait to see it
that look great love the use of reaper figures!!
i have my figure setting back farther  but your is cool  great job
i love reaper figures too !! that is a cool figure Zanko
Thanks for letting us look thew your Photo bucket  Galvin
Alot of cool stuff
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