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Full Version: Sorcerer on Lammasu WIP
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Wow, nice hat, very smooth!

As for the axe, try something from the chaos range, and shorten the haft. Looking awesome, can't wait for more of your stuff!
Haha, as I was scrolling down I was wondering why you'd remove the hat from the sorceror lord, but then I see that no, you've actually made the hat bigger! I love it.
Awesome sculpting work.  Love that mask. Wink
I'm not too sure about this guy. I think you should make the hat a bit bigger.

Lord Darkash

WOW  :0  Truely the lord of the hats! this guy is awesome! the sculpting makes me jealous! and i cant even compare to my converted sorcerer cos i aint got a digi camera, needless to say yours is better! I bet this guy needs both hands to raise that bad boy of a hat up! Takes Hat off
Looking awesome so far, man!  Can't wait to see where that head ends up. Happy

Well done!

balck ork

wow. that is very nice work on that.but one question what is the main body made up of of the lamusu


AWESOME! Just pure awesome! lol. i bin lurking round these forums the for a little while now and its work like this thats inspiring me to get back into the whole miniatures thing!

Yay! First post!
Wow. That face has been sculpted most excellently indeed! I thought it would be good anyway, but you have surpassed my expectations. It also fits REALLY well with the body. Are those the original wings? Also, with the rider, it still looks great! A lot of the time, the rider and mount seem not to fit with each other aesthetically. Kudos!
This guy looks amazing.  You managed to do out with the "ugly" face and bring in a majestic looking face.  Something more befitting of the Lammasu.


thyrk the butcher

Takes Hat off to u that is one of the best Lammasu i have ever seen

Lord Darkash

Fantastic GS-fu! 1000 slaves for your industries!


I am looking really forward to seeing this thing painted. Bloody well done there.

  - Tallhat
Glad ya got it tidied up and can now start painting again soon. I also noticed that someone is watching Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi. Well done to that person!
OffT: As do I Kera, but from the "Post Pics of Yourself" thread, yours is MUCH bigger than mine. But, I'm at uni and can only just egt into my room, let alone have a big desk Big Grin

OnT: When's it going to be completed then?
So when does this chap get some paint?
Judo Bump.

Big Grin

How are the big hats progressing?
Haha!  Yes, I had noticed the 3rd edition style in your blog and wondered what had occurred.

A resculpt, huh?  Crazy!
If you're going to resculpt, sell that one and use the money for new parts to do a new sculpt! If I had the money, I'd buy it in a cinch!
two_heads_talking: A) it assumes he's wishing to sell and Cool I may not be able to buy it anyhow Wink
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