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Full Version: Kyte's Big Fat Blog - Painted Dunkleodon!
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The chosen of hashut

You are very good at this, i especially liked your cd hero (even tho he's a little big Tongue), how long have you been playing cd??


Great stuff, as usual.

But man your first round of the tournie sounds horrid... Woodies are a bad match up for CD's and there boring to play against but teamed up with the list from hell that would have just sucked! Also what was with all the terrain? I usualy kick up a fuss if in 1000 points (4x4) theres more then 3 pieces of terrain.


Best. Sorcerer. Ever.

Unreal, honestly that is one of the coolest conversions i've seen.

Cheers, Mont


Kyte your the best sculpter I've(and lot's of other people)have seen.
Also thanks for making a bull tarus I relly needed to know how to make one of those.


I think there's 20 gobbos in the pile.


Kyte Wrote:
The first one, who guess how many goblins the pile includes, gets a cookie.
A hint is that without the spider riders (Which shall be converted into Beastman Centigors), and with some characters, I'll have enough points for about 1500 points of Goblins only.

Lots? Now hand over the cookie!Tongue

Your conversions are excellent Kyte. I love the little masks on the Hobbo's, and the gun on the boss. I did a similar thing with the command models for my warriors.


Nice work as always and yes kite it does look like a wolf just bigger.
Also you should keep with your theme its cool.



Dude the uber wolf. Hobbo needs to show the others who is boss.


Kyte could we have another group shot with every CD thing you have ,please the first group shot was sooooo cool so can we have another.

The Slaver

Awsome Awsome Awsome! those hobgobs are fantastic. Your boss puts mine to shame!(ill post pictures soon! he's all painted, along with a handful of hobgobs and my two CD socrecors) I have to agree that wolf riders are a superb bit of tactical might. Fast cav was always a thorn in my side when i played stunties, so now ill fight fire with fire! Veyr nicely done Kyte. You should be proud.


Looks great!! I would probably paint the skull a variation of dark reds. I'd also like to see a larger/more detailed banner on the back of it. If this is your general/center piece of your army, I'd really want it to stand out, and i think a banner would really be the icing on the cake.


I love that "taurus", I can completely see the rampage and the bloodbath it would produce! I can also see that you have used some inspiration from others on that fantastic unit (mainly using the rune of Hashut on the shield like my CD, as well as snotlings BB banner.
And is that really the same guy as in your avatar?!? :0 No way! The new hero looks even more badass though. I hope I can see it painted soon ^^


Nice taruse Kyte , but you forgot to put things on to make it look like it can fly!Or dose it magicly fly if so my bad still great work.

Lord Darkash

Awesome stuff here. definately prefer the the new hero conversion, shame you didn't keep the other guy as well though!


You might consider an effigy of a chaos dwarf lord, Hashut, Bull Centaur or something else  to use on the banner. You could sculpt that pretty easily and it wouldn't look too bad. As for the army, I'd be honored to play against something that looked that awesome.


Kyte Wrote:

Undeadninjas Wrote:
As for the army, I'd be honored to play against something that looked that awesome.

If you live anywhere close to Copenhagen, Denmark, that could be easily arranged.


- Kyte

I don't think California's all that close... but if I'm ever in the area...

The Evil Twin

the new lord is muth beter now...Takes Hat off and the bsb is yust fantasticCheers! good work man

The Evil Twin

by the gods make thos mumitraitors befor the world is going under!!!Big Grin

glad that ther is still some humans that have crasyer dreams then me Takes Hat off


May I ask how this marauder conversion is coming along? just read through you're blog and well done on getting such a great looking high point total army for so cheap. Only thing that I don't really like is the hogob bosses wolf, something is off. The fur maybe? I know you did it ages ago but I just read through you're blog as a whole Happy I agree with you on the bases. Although the bases you have at the moment look quite original and individual (in a good way, not a patronising way) On a table top that would look even more out of place than ash bases.


Ok ya gota do us a small favor and do some video tutorials sometime for all your kick ass models here. =o

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