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I'm trying to assemble a list of the biggest warhammer forums around the world.  Preferably ones that actually discuss chaos dwarfs, so that if we ever needed to contact them for a campaign it would be easier.


USA/ Canada


UK/ Ireland
























Australia/ NZ

New Zealand






South Africa

ANTARCTICA Happy ... What?  You never know!

Don't know where they are based, but they get posts from all over the place.  Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?
Ideally I'm looking for the general warhammer ones that get a huge amount of people looking at them during the big GW campaigns (not race specific).  Isn't dakka dakka more 40k focused?

Off topic really, but I've been assembling a big list of CD websites from around the world.  It's amazing how many websites link to CDO.  The french have a whole load of links to our armies on CDO.  Many links to WoH as well.

If only I knew french I was tempted to register and say thanks for noticing. Happy

I found another one that was using the fluff I have written as 'official'.  Lol.
Well, to be honest, I usually go there for the News and Rumours. You could be right about its focus on 40k, I'm not entirely sure, but at least in the rumours section it mentions fantasy.

On second thought, I retract the suggestion, simply because they focus on a lot of games beside Warhammer anyway, such as Warmachine et al. Sorry
If anyone's interested here's chaos dwarfs in some other languages (I think they're right)

Czech  Trpaslíci Chaosu
Chinese or possibly Japanese  混沌矮人  混乱小人
Russian Хаос Затмевает

I didn't have much luck finding websites for those Happy
I think the main Finnish one is:
lol.  Sorry, I will ammend that now.

Grimstonefire Wrote:
If anyone's interested here's chaos dwarfs in some other languages (I think they're right)

Russian Хаос Затмевает

Nope. It's Гномы Хаоса or Хаос Дварфы Wink

The russian biggest Warhammer site is
And the Latvian one is

Just out of curiosity, if you translate what I wrote into english what does it mean?  Probably something to do with stunted males or something Happy

Added to list.

You realise I will keep a list of who is from all these countries so if we have a campaign or some important news you can translate Happy

Swissdictator, Clam, Jolpis/ tjub, Ashur and ElEndro do you know of any from your countries?
You wrote something like "Chaos darkens" or "Chaotic Darkness". Happy

Lord Archaon Wrote:
You wrote something like "Chaos darkens" or "Chaotic Darkness". Happy

That actually sounds like a decent name for a forum! Wink

BTW here is an Estonian website

混沌矮人  混乱小人

Both Chinese mate Happy

ケイオス ドワーフ: Japanese for Chaos Dwarfs Happy

lol a CD army rundown:

A Japanese fans CDs:

Had a quick look but no luck finding any actual forums in Japanese. The hobby is still only a few years old over there though Happy

Don't you just love japanese!  Loads of writing condensed down into a few sentences.  

As long as we don't have someone here from Czech republic I might get one out of three right! Happy
Sorry, Grim Unsure

Here in Denmark it's:
dang Grims do you ever sleep !!! you been on a mission to find all this stuff !!
Great job !!
Added a few more, I think I've probably got the biggest from most of europe now.

Eventually I will copy this over to a new sticky, we get quite a few members from all over the world here, so it will be useful for them as well.

Grimstonefire Wrote:
Swissdictator, Clam, Jolpis/ tjub, Ashur and ElEndro do you know of any from your countries?

I think you've got the American ones covered fairly well! Happy Tongue I'm an American, despite my screen name. Wink

The only ones I could possibly add is some regional/state ones for the USA, that and ritesofwar (which is still new).

For state groups:  Wisconsin Warhammer       Illinois Warhammer

There was me thinking you spent your days polishing gold bars and poking holes in cheese! Happy  No offense to the swiss intended of course.

Someone on said I should do a list of every race specific forum there is.  Quite a good idea actually, I'll start a new thread.

Edit: no need, willmark has already done the hard work

Admittedly these are only the biggest forums, but it's good enough.
That's me, selfless Sith Lord of the forum. Happy
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