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Full Version: Chaos Dwarf Lord + Blunderbusser
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This is a bit late really, but its for the compilation sticky.

I did this model at the end of last year I think.  Its based on the 6th ed Dwarf Lord in gromil armour.  Its my best conversion to date and if I touch it up a lot I might enter in golden daemon.

yep you should!
to my birthday, i want some conversions form you, agree? Cheers!
Damn it's great! I'm not too keen on the mask though. IMO, it could need some more skull-ness or some tusks, but otherwise it's close to genious!


- Kyte
I like it a lot.  I'm moving away from the skull-masks myself.  Plus he is a lord so he should be different anyway.


I think if you're going to enter it in a GD, some of the things that need to be touched up are: the gauntlets, the look a little muddy, can't really make out the detail. I'd also brighten up the detail on the axe head, it also looks a little dark. Overall i love the GS work. Absolutely superb, keep up the awesome work.
I'm amazed that you could pick out the eyes so well on that model. Good job.
If you're going to GD then I'll see you there. I might be wearing the big hat of justice! Big Grin
Both Chaosy and Dawrfy, I love it! I've always admired this conversion and have searched the forum looking for it! I too used that model as a base for a lord but its nowhere near as good. I may try again though, I really love the model its based on
The model is pretty sweet, for sure.  Makes me wonder how long I am going to have to wait for more Grim awesomeness.
Maybe he should start an army blog. Btw I say maybe in the same way that it is maybe best to comply with the man with the machete
Added a pic of Grim's Blunderbuss to his post, for reference.
That lord is an awesome beast. I wish i could sculpt that good...
I wouldn't really call that a conversion, it's more of a scratch built miniature.

Very inspiring, I must say.  I'll have a crack at something like that when I get the time.

wallacer Wrote:
I wouldn't really call that a conversion, it's more of a scratch built miniature.

Very inspiring, I must say.  I'll have a crack at something like that when I get the time.

It started as a Thunderer.

minty Wrote:
i think he ment the lord xander, not the blunderbuuser, the lord started out as one of the older dwarf thanes

In either case, both are conversions with sculpted additions. Takes Hat off

Not for a while!  Grim is taking a break from forums for a while.
I'll take some close ups once I've repainted the mask & base on the Lord.

The blunderbusser update will wait until I've finished painting a few more.

Once my army is finished (up to 1500 pts) I will take some photos and send them to GW.
(Threadomancy with a point is fine. Unnecessary or incessant threadomancy is frowned upon. You won't like it when I frown. Tongue ) It's nice to see that people still appreciate Grim's hard work. Have you finished the unit yet? That'd be an awesome sight to behold... (Re-reads the previous posts and exchanges that for: WHEN will they be finished?)
Been focusing on painting my warriors & black Orcs at the moment.  Stupid I know to do a special choice before I finish my minimum core.

Once I've converted say 10 I'll start a new thread. Happy
Good man, good man. At least you're painting what you've got done, eh? Big Grin
A true compliment that this is your first post!

I didn't cast it, and won't.  I will get round to sculpting a suitable chaos dwarf lord at some point, probably based on the pose and size of this one.
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