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Full Version: Khunag's army blog
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great hobgoblin !!
what figure did you use Khunag
thanks for the link Khunag
Ah, now your name finally rings a bell! Welcome to the CDO, sculpter 'o wooden bases Happy
And of nice hobgoblins too, ofcourse. Takes Hat off
cool thanks for the close up!! the ears look great !! like the stone wall in the back ground is cool too
those are cool  are they a reason casting ??
are the close to a size of a movement stand ??
sorry are they resin that you  made them out of or plastic?? that would be the wall section!
great work !! bull centaur i like the cat type boby
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh he so cute!!!
great green stuff !! look perfect
he look great is there any detail your putting on the hammer
i also love the shield
your inlay designs are cool!! great job
that even looks better with the close up !!! I like his fingers  wow
that a great cast !! i think it looks great too
That red look great on the cd  Khunag
that cool i like the staff
That guy on the rock looks great.  Are you going to paint lava round the base of the rock?
The Cape look great
Ahhhhhhhh !!!!! look like the predator!!
nice beard and mask
Ahhhhh Wink now that a cute looking shield
looks good love the color you chose too
I'm going to second Kera's comments.  Your sculpting is very good.
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