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Full Version: A Compilation of Chaos Dwarf Artwork & Concept Sketches
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There is a page online with all the CD art.  I am sure someone has the link. *smacks head for not bookmarking it*
GW art removed- Willmark

No artwork, you say?

Evil idea

Ive got an idea!
Why dont we make this into a skicky somewhere, a kind of collection of all the CD artwork?
It would also be a good place for people to post their own CD drawings!

Much like the old "Compliation of Concept Art" that was on HoH many ages ago. Yep, it's a great idea. Grimstonefire has mountains and mountains of great artwork that I'm sure he'd love to share.

I have some much higher quality versions of those bw Mark Gibbons sketches

Please share them cornixt!

I'll sticky it in a minute, just as soon as I decide where it should go. Off-topic isn't really the right place for it.


Hehe, I believe that one's by cornixt.


Does any1 have the picture from the 7th ed rulebook
the one with the whip?
Huzzah, thanks to Cornixt I've been able to find artwork from the Chaos Dwarf Mon O' War fleet. Here's artwork of a Great Leveller:


could somone do me an avatar of the earthshaker? i would realy be greatfull


it would be ofc i apologise
We need a Wiki page devoted to these.  Anyone care to make it?  There are slaves in it for ya!


I initially thought he was a non-chaos dwarf thane, but on closer inspection, his armor certainly hints at him being a CD.  If so, it'd be an interesting change in art direction.

- McNs
Based on Warplock's model:



WoH, Issue 3 Cover. Takes Hat off

Thommy H Wrote:
Any chance we can get a larger version of the Bull Centaur from the top corner of the forum?

That's Ishkur's BC.  His work ought to be in this thread! Someone should badger him about it. Hehe.

No, I think I just grabbed it from his blog?  I had it somewhere, I can't recall.
Looking amazing. Big Grin
Whoa, nice.  I've never seen those before.
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