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this is the army i started on the twelth. i hope to have 1000 points done by the first of september.

these are my chaos dwarf wariors. i actualy have 10 of these so far. i may add more armour to the legs. (the one in the middle looks a little confused by his weapon Happy )

these are my hobgoblins. they are simple conversions using marauder and goblin parts.

this is my first bull centaur. his waist looks a litle narrow but i am quite pleased with him.

a picture to show the scale. the model in the middle is a normal marauder. i forgot to put a hobgoblin in. the hobgoblins are about a head shorter than the marauder because they are hunched.

should have more done soon.

2017 Image Salvage

Good work turquois dwarf have never seen the models used like this before look forward to seeing how they look all painted up Happy
by tomorow i should have asembled all the warriors ready to paint over the weekend. the hobgoblins are already assembled so i may paint some of them tomorow.
Your off and running!!Im liking your bull centaur!!
Nice, practical conversions.
My favourites are the Hobgoblins.
The dwarfs look really good - they have a smaller meaner leaner look than a lot of conversions based around the new dwarfs.

The bull centaur looks nice and chaotic too.

Great start Takes Hat off
I like what you've done here.  The minis look well executed and I look forward to seeing them painted.
the hobgoblins were nice to put together aswell. the peices fited almost like they were designed to go together. I had to stop myself making hobgoblins so i could get some chaos dwarfs done.Happy

I have also tried 2 beard methods the normal indented sausage way and a twisted sausage way. the twisted method makes a nice texture that I hope will show up after painting.
wow,this hobbos are really great,they look wild and pretty mean
the dwarfs also look nice,the legs look a little bit small but all in all some nice conversions
good start

turquois dwarf Wrote:

Your Bull Centaur reminds me of Davy Jones "the Flying Dutchman from Pirates of the Caribbean II"

Cool work and well done! I want to see him finished and painted. What paint scheme will you choose?


I tried bulking out the legs on one but it didnt look much better so now if any one asks I will use GWs excuse. Theyre heroic scale Happy

for the paint scheme I will go with black iron and turquoise with perhaps purple tinted skin. I will use gold on metal details to provide some contrast.
interresting unusual paint scheme...cant wait to see it
painted chaos dwarfs!

and a close up

hmm blurry! only the left hand side of my finger is in focus!
I like it !!!!!!!i love the paint bob it brings out the tusks better
update-ish. i have painted another 5 chaos dwarfs and have started to asemble another bull centaur. it is very dificult to attach the knight torso to the horses "neck"
These Knights Steeds have slants necks, am i right? do you cut the Knights body to match the slant or do just cut the horse's neck and then greenstuff?
Definite chaos feel to these Chaos Dwarfs, and the mix of Marauder and goblin bits to make hobgoblins is an idea that I may have to borrow to bulk out my own hobbo forces.
Really interesting conversions, it's nice to see a genuinely unique army on the forums.
@alfract: the knight torsos are tiny so I dont want to cut at them cutting at the horses neck would make it easier. However the main problem is the neck is too wide and the torso almost falls inside!

@boarder reiver: be very carefull once you start making those hobgoblins it is very dificult to stop!

edit: you must have posted at the same time as me! thanks
@ Alfract they do look a bit long! and it would probably be less work in terms of greenstuff to shorten the bodies as the two armoured sections would link up. unfortunatly ive got to far to shorten mine. but definitly try it on yours. you may need to shorten the legs aswell.
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