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Full Version: Warhammer Quest and dreams of Hashut
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This is the moste awesome terrain I've ever seen!!! Great work!
Nice stuff. I must get back to creating my dungeon.
Very impressive work.Cheers!
this is one of the greatest things I've ever seen
beautiful work !!! keep up the post it's very inspiring Happy
I agree with the common consensus: This is awesome!
Looks fantastic!!! <3
Some really eye-catching detail work done here.  The floortile work is stunning, and the souls escaping from the hell cannon is a just brilliant idea and well executed.  Takes Hat off I wish I had thought of it, and it has inspired some ideas in the same vein.  

And finally, the doorway is beautifully done.  Now to just do it again to all of the detail on the rest of the house....Wink  Cheers!
That is some very impressive terrain! I like the crumbled stairs especially!
Insanely inspirational devotion to Hashut and the project, Nicodemus! This is a beauty and joy to behold. Great attention to details all over! For some reason my favourite touch in the latest updates may be the simply made seals of approval on parchments. Great idea!

Good luck paintin'! Pirate
Insanely cool. This is the work of a Chaos Dwarf!
Fantastic! The slaves thrown into the lava pit is such a great touch! Magnificient! Splendid!
Amazing update. Great work on the tiles, and keep at it with the detailwork painting! Well worth the burdensome effort. And that Daemonsmith is utterly fantastic already!
Marvellous. Good going with adding colour to it, and I really like the dead Slaves at the lava pool. Such a striking visual! This really is a Daemonsmith's laboratory.

As for skull slippers, much approved! I did this model with some kind of Daemon slippers, so I recognize the theme going on here. Big Grin
Full cycle, Nico! This detailwork is amazing, and adds so much to the overall impression. Keep at it, it's well worth all your immense labours! Takes Hat off
This is an outstanding work of art! A labour of love and the result of true dedication. I just all the details, and the overall design is also very good.

Bravo, master! Takes Hat off

And I'm constantly surprised by how much Chaos Dwarf work is being done here in the off-topic log section. Yeah I know, Quest. Big Grin

Besides, should we open a Chaos Dwarf scenery thread in the Image Gallery? Compile all people's creations like this in one place?

I'll leave the honour to you, if you don't mind, and of course to open up such a scenery compilation with this wonder of the Chaos Dwarf world.

Oh, also: Do you have some big white or (even better) solid black blanket or similar tissue to drape out and use as background? When you finish the Daemonsmith and (I hope) take new shots of this marvel with him in his proper place, I hope we can get to see some artful photographs set against a black background to help set the dark tone, if possible. Just a wishlist.

Splendid! Thanks a lot! Cheers!

Great work all over. Love the slave pit. The crane is excellent. I've by the way spread the news about your finished Daemonsmith forge and Forgemaster and slave pit on various forums and Facebook groups. Hoping to hook in more CDO members that way... Wink
Wow! That is a great modelling work, and so immensely great to see for a lifelone fan of the Hellcannon! Exquisite. Cheers!
A temporary move, and then move back, isn't a bad idea. I once had the idea of splitting the thread, with one CD Quest thread in Showcase & Army Blogs, and one general Quest thread here, but of course I wouldn't touch your blog, Forgemaster. Wink
Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous!
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