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Full Version: Warhammer Quest and dreams of Hashut
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this is absolutely cool !
Really Gorgeous work! I can’t wait to see the lava room when it’s done.
More gorgeous work! can't wait to see more.
That looks sick.... but don't stop there command the slaves to start on the walls, door and ROOF! crack that whip!

Looks really good mate!
Wow really amazing! Incredible dedication and skill!
I like this thread so much, even if I don`t find the time to visit it often.

For me the most awesome thing is that you finish your projects. It`s not just a brilliant idea but there are actual results. That doorway is impressive as are your gameboard pieces and the rest.

Keep it going, it is real fun to watch Takes Hat off
Wow! Amazing stuff even unfinished! Can't wait to see the final outcome!
Man your talented, great work.
These would be so much more immersive than the normal tiles!
Amazing progress! Can't wait to see more.
Even more amazing progress!

Love the “lesser daemons” of Hashut, can’t wait to see them painted up! Have you hammered out a stat line for them?
Best Warhammer Quest board ever!
Wow, that is just incredible, not just the execution but the vision and ambition. It will do what Hashut would want, make the mortals feel small. Amazing.
This is just amazing stuff. Totally wonderful!
So jealous of that hobby space! And I am imagining all of the goodies inside those tackle boxes.
My hobby desk is also my work desk and kitchen table haha..
Excellent stuff, spent the past hour looking over this thread. Inspiring work. Wink
Will you just stop doing such cool stuff! Some of us as struggling to find enough compliments. I mean after wow, great, awesome, fantastic, cool, fabulous, amazing and incredible it gets tricky! If this continues I will just have to switch to welsh!
Wow, just wow. This just gets better and bigger.
Truly gorgeous. The cart is a great detail and the statue mad and cool. I am beginning to worry that you are mot going to be able to stop! Not that I want you to.
Absolutely fantastic. I love the railings (dawi zharr health and safety, who knew?). I too adore the parchments. How are they done?
That is just so cool.
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