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Full Version: Warhammer Quest and dreams of Hashut
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Wow, this is some inspirational stuff! Much more ambitious than what I had planned for my dungeon Shock Multiple levels is not something I've seen before, very very cool!

Warhammer Quest was one of the few GW games I never got a chance to try but always really wanted to and your board looks like a dream to play on! I had to go back and read from the start, incredible work. I'll be keeping your thread in mind if I ever decide to take my games underground Happy

Nicodemus Wrote:
I had HeroQuest and all of the expansions for it, but I was a young teen at the time and money wasn't easy to come by at that age. I also lived on a relatively small island with a smal population and no gaming stores of any kind. If HQ hadn't gone main stream I'd have never gotten into the hobby. But I digress. I remember seeing Warhammer Quest at one of the Maritime "Wilkey's" game and hobby stores in Halifax and was totally amazed, it was HQ on steroids, but the price tag was so far beyond anything I could afford I had to put it back. I picked up a few parital sets on eBay here and there starting about 15 years ago and now have 2-3 full sets. You can get pdfs of the rules easily enough and I highly recommend the "classic" WHQ Roleplay rules that came with the game. It was roleplay light, but allowed you to level up, spend your money on new gear, etc. It's damned hard at low levels and we've had many new parties get wiped on their first foray, but that adds to the appeal if you're expecting that I think. Once you get a few magic items and some armour you're in better shape to at least be able to survive fleeing the dungeon if things go bad Wink

I had a similar early gaming experience; I grew up in a small Ontario town playing Heroquest and D&D early on, and was lucky enough to have a nerdy relative who introduced me to 40k 2nd edition. We had no local stores either, but ended up with a long-term WD subscription and did plenty of mail ordering Happy The articles about Quest always captivated me, it sounded like the perfect hybrid of Heroquest and D&D in a setting that I love and your description makes it sound even more appealing, right down to the grueling difficulty!

I actually came close to finally realizing my childhood dreams and strongly considered the Silver Tower box as my first GW product in years, but balked at giving myself such a large painting project without being sure I enjoyed painting 28mm first and settled on Shadespire instead. Is old style Quest fairly solo-friendly as well? That was a big draw for me with the new rules, as I'm still in small town Ontario and am a sad lonely nerd Tongue

edit: almost forgot to mention your new stuff is insanely good and cool as well Happy I didn't see you mention a height, how tall is the Forge now?

Absolutely gorgeous. I am truly, madly and deeply jealous (and in awe).
Truly awe inspiring amount of work. Truly awesome results. I had not noticed the hand rails for the stairs before, lovely touch.
All so so nice. Tiles look great and the daemonsmith is going to be great. I love his staff!
Wow, man what a project! Such a great idea, so many nice pieces (lammasu haeds on the doors are great!), this will look fantastic. It already does! Very excited to see it finished. Takes Hat off
Skull slippers! I mean SKULL SLIPPERS! Awesome! How cool are they?
Fantastic hand rail paint scheme too but I just love the slippers. Is it bad that I want some?
This is getting better and better, inspired work. Takes Hat off
I like this so much! Takes Hat off

Nicodemus Wrote:
The Daemonic Forge for Warhammer Quest is complete!  

Takes Hat off

It's absolutely mind-blowing Hashut!
Fantastic work, so much love for detail. Truly astonishing. Takes Hat off

Truly words fail me. All praise to Hashuts’ architect.

Admiral Wrote:
Oh, also: Do you have some big white or (even better) solid black blanket or similar tissue to drape out and use as background? When you finish the Daemonsmith and (I hope) take new shots of this marvel with him in his proper place, I hope we can get to see some artful photographs set against a black background to help set the dark tone, if possible. Just a wishlist.

I second that wish! Respect to the Hat!

Great pictures, that black background really does the trick.
What a wonderful project! What are your plans for using it in games? Do you play some form of D&D or RPG kind of game?
Fabulous conversion. It looks awesome.
Wow, no respite with you, immediately on to the next great project! Cheers!
Looking really promising, cannot wait to see more. Keep the goodness coming! Hashut!
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