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Full Version: Warhammer Quest and dreams of Hashut
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Any chance of a tutorial/informational on how you made the tiles?  I am suddenly inspired...
Kera is speechless
Very nice tutorial. From the pics I wouldn't have guessed it was styrofoam. I have a whole whack of it, so I've got something to go on.  I was thinking that it was polystone, resin or wood or something.
As my avatar would say impressive, most impressive.

This awesome tutorial has been noted...
The trick to insulation foam is to use acrylic house primer or other kind of acrylic paint before painting, ie, as a primer. It seals the styrene and won't allow the nasty propellants in spray cans to eat at it.
Never had the chance to play this game myself - but I love your passion for this OOP game.

Your 3D tiles are awesome - and there are some very nice hits and advises in here - to be used for terrain building in generel.

Keep up the good work.
Wow like the doorway
I like watching this link grow there always a lot of cool stuff
It's looking as good as the rest of your stuff!

Glad, you take the time to let us follow you - step by step - on the 'how to ...'. There is so many good advices in here - that the thread should be 'stickied' - in the ideas and advice sub section as well Big Grin

Keep it up.

And a question:

The Chaos Dwarf icon in the floor - is that done with a knife, too?
That is so cool!! thanks so much for the wip   great painting on it too
Once again this is like a glass of fresh air !! you have help me so much on the how to work the pink foam !! My hobby skills have double ! thanks NIcodemus!!!!
This is a really impressive blog. I'm jealous of anyone with access to Warhammer Quest and it's tiles, but a 3D version? That just takes the mick Tongue
Thanks for the paint and where to get it !!
Michael Rules in my book !!
Nice painting tips !! and great paint job
love the lava affect  but the red only look likea blood river too
I really don't know what to say anymore Takes Hat off Takes Hat off

I'm stunned by your talent, your ardour and your pace.

So what's next ? anything you haven't done so far?
I like the metal grates
You know that guys like you with your excellently done terrain pieces really get my goat.  They look fantastic, and they are likely going to wear like steel.  

Then I try to make something simple, and ten minutes into the first game the flock starts coming off.  

Keep up the excellent work - I need the inspiration.
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