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Full Version: Warhammer Quest and dreams of Hashut
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I love it.. I'm completely bushwackered by what you've done.

would you care to post up some WIP and some step by step that you've done on them..  perhaps even some color selections and techniques..
Well, that has to be one of the best tutorials I've read in a long time.. Nicodemus, my hat is off to you.  that's wonderfully described and the photos are immaculate..  

We,in the construction business, call that pink or blue board..  depending on the color..  It's really just a simple insulation product used for buildings.

again, well done Nicodemus..  Well done.
You should replicate the instructions at Old Scratch.
OMG this is so cool
Impressive and... impressed!
I use unsulation foam for basing, like rocks and stuff like that. Me too fear corrosion so I alwas "seal" the foam with vynilic glue. It does the trick for me.
I have to say I do noe make massive scenery like yours, just a few bases for my Dhawi Zharr.
I realy like these rooms! the pillars are a good idea.

could you put the file with the counters on this thread or would there be copywrite/file size problems?
those pillars work realy well. the themed door is also very nice. are you using normal games workshop paints for these? it seems a large area to cover with such a small pot
I will have to look for these paints. At first I tried using poster paints for terrain! this was a very bad idea because if you tried to hilight something the paint wets the previouse layer and they all blend together to make one couler. i had to paint a tower i undercoated black "white" just to get a dark grey! Happy
This is an awesome blog, keep up the good work! Happy
Glowier: A coat of (I kid yee not) yacht varnish. It also makes water/slime look wet.
You can mix in a little ink/wash to add colour effects too.
yea !! i just keep watching like a moth to a flame
COOOL  what a great arch !! this is one of the best links on the site
great job
I hadnt seen your last posts in here, its all very impressive!
Amazing stuff. I'm sure playing in a table like yours is a real pleasure, a totally different experience. Looking forward to see more Dhawi Zharr stuff Happy
Hahaha, wow... You are insane. Wonderfull!
This project is just insane... Great work, I hope you have time to play as well! Happy
Good progress! I really like these WIPs, spawning a lot of ideas over here... Tongue
Thanks for sharing.
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